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Hello growers, i am new in this thing and i am making list what i need to put in my first grow box(120*120*200)? I want to know its enough to take a led light 450w, turbine 125, filter 125*500, i will put 9 plants? Do u need maybe where to find good literature for this things?

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Hello Rocaa and welcome to forum, 


Personally, I think it's a big closet to start with, that is, to learn. It's always better to learn with something smaller and when you have experience, move on to something bigger.



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Thank u Jose, i need to try like this to learn, i am reading about growing couple of years and that is what i want. Now i maybe found how i will make my first box i will start to order things, and i will be grateful for u if u have a time to just replay do u think its good or no for box 120×120×200, i will take some seed for begginer, led spnlight apollo 576W, turbine 125(355m3/h), filter 480m3/h, ph tester, thermoigrometer, i dont know to take co2 or no, probably i will take :) I know i dont know nothing, but i will do my best... thank u

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Of course, it's your decision :)


Grow Room  120x120x200

Extractor 125

Filter 480m3/h



This is ok, I can grow 9 or 16 pots here, if is your first time, 9 is good ofc (better). 


You need also:


Intractor 125

PG Meter

Ec Meter


You no need:


CO2 system, It's really very complicated, even for the most experienced. It's not necessary, so I don't recommend it.



Choose a simple strain to cultivate, if possible "indica", because they are faster and simpler than sativas.




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