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So i have to choose between 2 Lights, one is from the renowned MarsHydro, and the other is called Phlizon

The Phlizon 600w

-Replaces a 400w HPS

-Consumes 108Watts

-Double switch

-Covers a 2'x2'

-Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC

Costs: 97 American Dollars

Mars Hydro 300w

-Covers a 2.5' x 2.5'

-Consumes 132watts

-Replaces a 150 HPS

-ETL/CE/RoHS certified

Costs: 70 American Dolars


Im trying to use it on my closet that is 2' x 2', so if what they claim is true, then they both should work, but i wonder what is this phlizon brand, ive never heard from them, so i dont know how good they are, i was hoping some of you guys knew something about them, if so, which one would you recomend.


Thx <3

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Hi @GanjahMx


I havent heard of Philzon so I cannot comment on them, but I run a Mars Hydro LED and it is great.


My tent is a Mars Hyrdo grow tent that is 70cm X 70cm X 160cm my light is a Mars Hydro II 400 LED which is equivalent to a 250 watt HPS lamp.


The lamp consumes 159 watts it costs me less than £20 per month plus a 6" fan running constantly and less than £30 when I run a little dehumidifier during flowering.


At the end of the day it is about light intensity so if you can afford the $97 thats good, but remember you need to afford to run the light as well, so if you buy a lower wattage lamp you just need to give the plants an extra week or two for them to finish. 

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Great answer from gasmeter!

I would go with that marshydro, I have never heard of Philzon.

And as gasmeter shows you the marshydro will grow nice plants (I still use the small 300w Mars Hydro for veg).


But to complicate things some more I would still recommend the passively cooled lights - no sound no moving parts no noise. 

To compare light you look at the spectrum, which is highly debated so i actually don't care so much about this one as I care about the intensity or efficiency of the light. Which is listed in µmol/J,  or Lm/W and tells you how many µmol or lumens you put out for each amount of energy you use. And actually most not so good LED companies will not lists this because they know they have shit efficiency.

check out ledgrowlightsdepot on YouTube and their website. They got alot of info and comparison between lights. Maybe even contact the dude he is supposedly very very friendly. 

i link you the website and a page with the new gavita LED (gavita was once the standard for 1000w HPS everyone wanted and compared to and now they make a LED that's looks insane good).

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