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wozanosa - White Lemon - 14-12-2010

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IMG_0062.jpg WEEK 1

IMG_0063.jpg WEEK 1

IMG_0064.jpg WEEK 1

IMG_0065.jpg WEEK 1

IMG_0071.jpg WEEK 2

IMG_0072.jpg WEEK 2

IMG_0073.jpg WEEK 2

IMG_0074.jpg WEEK 2

IMG_0082.jpg WEEK 3

IMG_0083.jpg WEEK 3

IMG_0085.jpg WEEK 3

IMG_0086.jpg WEEK 3

IMG_0089.jpg WEEK 3

IMG_0090.jpg WEEK 3

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Started one more white lemon

I start off the germination process with my very own Grass Hydro germinator
As you can see in the pictures the seeds is total submerged in water at a ph of 7 – 7.5 and the PPM of 140 this is the levels the water out of the tap in my area.

I will not be growing in Hydro the media I will use is coco, with Dutch Pro Nutrients (Testing Dutch Pro Nuts)

Pictures below but you should see the videos



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This system is very easy to start seeds in, adding air to the water keeps it oxygenated (so will not go stagnate) and the seed tumbling around which it seams to like. but I would not add to much air or you can damage the root.
Top up the water everyday, worst case you can go 2 days without adding water or get a bigger glass, the glass I use can hold 300ml of water.

Getting great % of start up about 98%, tried every other way possible wasn't impressed, I like hydro so wanted something in that direction.

The process can take only 2 day but 3 is the average.
The next process is the bubbler bath, after the seed germinates I will put the seed into a wet bio sponge and then place the sponge into the bath, you can see other one already started in the pictures below.










The seed in the sponge is in this system for about 4 days before it goes into a hydro / Coco or Terra medium, what ever you fancy just take the sponge out of the bubble bath and plant its that easy (I dont plant until I see the roots coming out the bottom of the sponge)

Top up the water in this system every 3 days but upto the bottom of the mesh pot (the sponge should be dry for just less than a day, the picture above shows the sponge is wet but the water is very low tomorrow the sponge should be dry and ready for a top up).



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Try more u get more phenos like 2 for example.

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