Drug Rehabs in California

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Hi guys! My friends have a huge problem - they've just found out their son was addicted to drugs.


I'd prefer not to go into details but to make a long story short, they are looking for a drug rehab and need a couple of pieces of advice. 


I found a list of best drug rehabs in California (they live in Sacramento), but I can't be sure if they worth their money. Maybe, somebody has dealt with drug rehabs and can share his/her experience.

I'd be very appreciated!  

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First there son need to really want to stop himself and to be far from his friends that stay doing that.

start a sport try to make him addict to sport and some drugs need medication to stop and with some other drugs is better to stop drinking alcoole too and better for him to smoke goed weed 😁

Some people can change

Some people can't change 

Some finish living on the street 

Or in the psychiatric asylum,jail........ 


Wat do you call  addict  ?

real drugs cost a lot of money 

One of my friends son  smoke and take club drugs and is not a problem but you can not change him






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Hi @Lisa2525 


I agree with @g22 your friends son needs to really want to stop using whatever substance he is struggling with, otherwise it is a waste of everybody's time trying to help them if they do not wish to help themselves to quit using the substance they are struggling with.


I know this from experience, I spent over 30 years addicted to opiates and coke, I would get clean for a few months and soon back slide into another habit.


I note you say he "was" addicted, if he has stopped using then half the battle is won, he now needs to focus on living without using and keeping busy to fill his time with positive things and learn to overstand your friends are your enemy, if they are not down with him getting clean fuck them off they are not friends.


People who encourage you to do bad shit are not your friends, good friends will encourage you to do good for yourself and in the neighbourhood and be a better person not a selfish ares hole who only wishes to take from everyone around them.


Rather than spend money on rehab I would suggest finding an ex addict who is now living clean who he can relate to and help him get strong again and forward in life.


I hope this helps.



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In real i think ones you have bin addict sometimes you never stop totaly for the rest of your live

Like @gasmeter sai you need to want to forward in life if you not want work or do somthing in your live you not gone change 

And i don't know all the new drugs you find now with tve internet i see a video on youtube with people addict to i don't know watt but there skin where gone and you can see there bones out of there bodies when you see this you see that the devils is on earth 

Ithe scientist that make drugs like that are real demon 

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I don't live in America, but I have to agree with the others. He might not need rehab, he need something else to fill his life. Going out from rehab he will have nothing to do and possibly slide back. If he has stuff he cares about to do all day he will see that the drugs are only keeping him from doing his stuff. Fishing was good for me.

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