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Hi guys,


I have a question about CBD plants, at the moment I am running 4 Kings Kush autos, three normal and 1 CBD type plant.


Here is an image of the plants in the grow tent just as the light went off the other night the CBD plant is in the back right corner.



The plant are all the same age and they have been in flower for 6 weeks now so they only have 3 weeks to go before they are ready to harvest.


As you can see one of the regular Kings Kush is a bit taller than the other 2 and all 3 are growing nicely, yet the CBD Kings Kush in the back right hand corner is smaller than all the others, in comparison it seems to be about 1 or 2 weeks behind the others.


Unfortunately about 3 weeks into vegatative growth at 18/6 I was raising the lamp in the tent and I noticed that half the LED diodes had died, so I immediately switched on the bloom switch so they were getting more light, and quickly ordered a new replacement lamp from Mars Hydro.


I placed the order on Boxing day I think and despite the Christmas holidays the lamp was despatched and delivered by the 31st of December, I set up the new lamp and just switched on the veg lights, then on the 1st of January I switched on the bloom lights to provide a full spectrum and flipped the photoperiod to 12/12


All of the plants had started to flower anyway during December, probably because of the mashed up lamp and weird light spectrum.


So I am wondering are the CBD type plants a bit smaller than none CBD type of plants, or is this probably caused by my lamp being mashed up?

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My Super Lemon Haze CBD was of equivalent size (plant and buds) to Arjan's Strawberry Haze. Franco's Lemon Cheese was the smallest plant of the three.

My Paradise Seeds Durga Mata II CBD was also as similar size to the non-CBD plants I grew.

Note, my CBD plants where 1/1 ration (so not pure CBD, ~11% of THC & CBD).


Happy Growing!

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Hi ShaggyGrower,  thanks for the reply thats good to know.


It looks like this Kings Kush CBD auto is just not as vigorous as the none CBD KIngs Kush autos.


Yeah the Kings Kush CBD has a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio at 5 to 8% according to the info on the GHS store, I am hoping it might provide some relief with the osteo arthritis in my right lower leg, my ankle get well stiff and the bones ache.


I see nuff people seem to be getting relief growing these strains so I thought I would check it out.


I also see all these CBD products for sale on the high street and web, but from my view this shit aint wot all a wi smokin!


Its all derived from Hemp or Cannabis Sativa L and they say cos you won't get high its safe, people buying these products really don't know what the fuck it is they bought, whether it is what they call an isolate where they supposedly extract just the CBD, or what they call full spectrum which sounds like doing an ISO wash to make QWISO hash or even BHO.


The dosages they state do not make sense, a 10ml bottle of solution that contains 1500mg (1.5 gram) CBD where you use an eye dropper to place a drop on or under the tongue which will apparently last for 28 days, even the vaping liquids, I cannot see how it can have any beneficial effect at such low doses.


Looks to me like a lot of people are buying snake oil

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Hi gasmeter,

I have not tried my Durga Mata II CBD yet (5 weeks into curing, a new record for me).

I have tried the Super Lemon Haze CBD (purple pheno, not tried the green pheno yet) and I love it.  First time I tried it I felt like my legs where melting a little, like a marshmellow had fallen over them. Very nice.  I really, really like SLH CBD (P) I have to say.


Hear where you're saying about CBD products. I was about to write,, 'yeah, grow your own and you know what's in it', but I guess that is not strictly true. While we know what we have fed the plants, we don't know what the genetics will produce in our specific environments without scientifically testing each plant at harvest (which I certainly don't do).   My SLH CBD is supposed to be 11%/11%. Whether the one I grew is, I don't honestly know.


Certainly more pleasure in consuming whatever it is what I have grown compared to whatever it is someone else has grown :-)


Happy Growing!

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Hi ShaggyGrower,


The SLH CBD sounds nice.


Yes I agree that while we know what we are feeding and can ensure proper flushing of nutes,  we do not know how the genetics will turn out in our enviroments, I suppose thats half the fun as we check out different strains to find the things we like or meet our requirements.


That is so true about consuming your own herb, especially compared with commercial, I got 1/2 an ounce to make sure the ends meet,  man its a rough smoke, but it does the trick and will fill the gap till this Kings Kush  is ready soon.


Here is an image of the Kings Kush CBD just before I cut it this afternoon.



This Kings Kush CBD has turned out a bit of a runt of a plant compared to the other 3 regular Kings Kush autos which is a bit of a dissapointment, maybe the fact my lamp was damaged did not help, but at least I can check out the CBD plant and see if I get any pain relief with it.


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