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Real Guerrilla Stories

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Share your guerrilla grow stories here.


I have one from the 2018 season that still keeps me in wondering and wonderment.


Last year I was planting a small patch. I dug out a 1m x 1m patch inbetween many shrubs in the woods with the hopes of maybe pulling a K for my personal use.


I set out in the early morning hours of dark night and drove off-road and parked far away.


I had with me some small plants in plastic beer cups and was digging the area out when all of a sudden ...


A helicopter drops in very low. Mind you I am many miles from airport and big city. I am in the middle of no where. The helicopter is maybe 100M up and 150M out and very "whoop whoop whoop" and flying a quarter circle around me.


The helicopter has no lighting whatsoever and I am unable to see it. But again I am in the middle of no where and there is no highway or anything nearby that will otherwise make such a noise. From dead of quiet frog croaks, cricket chirps, owl hoots, to very loud and undeniable low helicopter.


It was so intimidating I went from my knees on the ground to lying entirely flat hugging the ground. There are large shrubs and trees all around me and no light at all and no moon light, a dark clear night. I am thinking what in the hell is going on am I about to be killed. I am totally sober, I do not take any medicines, this is really happening.


I am thinking whatever this is it must have heat detection and must be watching the area from high up because it came from up high to down low out of no where. Not from the horizon. I am in relatively flat area so there are no hidden hills and mountains which can hide aircraft noise.


After the helicopter circles me about 270' it vanishes into the dark not to be heard anymore.


What in the f*** did I experience?

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