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Ok, this is probably just me being new but I can't understand how to search for tags in our forum. Whenever I tap the magnifying glass button, an object appears at the side of my screen but interacting with it does nothing. I'll attach a screencap to point it out.


The object that appears when I toggle the magnifier button is just below the strain hunters banner to the extreme left side.


It could be just some little dumb thing that I missed or failed to understand. My apologies if that's the case.




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Yes, the search function does not work on phones. If you rotate the screen, on some phones, the search bar will come into view and you can interact with it. Else try on the computer.

But this is a huge problem for me also :D

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It is the search text input field that appears on the left of the screen.


You can replicate this on a desktop or laptop, just resize the browser and the main menu will change to the one in the screen shot above click on the search icon and you will see the Start New Topic element and everything belwo move downwards to make room for the search box which is just peeping into the page on the left.


If you now resize your browser window and make it wider you will be able to see the search text input field and if you click the search icon again you will now see it disappear and everything below move up into the freed up space.


Good advice from silver1 to check out the forum on a desktop or laptop with a more capable browser and a real keyboard

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