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Hello all. I am having a first time try at growing autoseeds. I am London-based and have a small safe sunny yard. This morning have been reading this brilliant forum to try and educate myself. I have some questions.
 now realise that autoseeds are not affected by light but want to start at the best time. The sunlight is 12:12 but the temperature now (celsius) highs are 12 (53F) and lows 8 (46F) - should I wait longer before I start? What would a minimum temperature be?
Can I just stick them on my window sill 2 weeks and then put outside in a sunny spot? 
I have 2 x 15W LED lights I bought last week (wish I read this forum before buying), should I use those for the first 2 weeks instead of window sill? Or is wattage too low?
Many thanks, Karen

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Hey kareng123,

Yes your way too early to be poppin beans for outdoors here in the UK, unless you have an indoor garden where you could veg them until mid May.

Wit all Greenhouse strains the lowest temp is 10C they just stop all activity below this temperature, indoor I aim for a range between 17C and 28C anything over 30C is tropical, obviously outdoors we have no control of the temperature other than prividing shade and runnig a fan or fans.

The important thing is to start in time for the plants to finish, the season here is May to October that gives you 6 months to do your thing.

I will be poppin some beans for outdoors at the start of May for the Mega Comp they will be vegged for 1 month or 4 weeks, then I will trick them into flowering which means I need to make it dark for them to control the photoperiod, I do this by putting them in the shed in the yard so they get 14 i/2 hours light per day.

The flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks, so depending on the weather it may take 10 or 11 weeks for the bud to ripen properly, its all down to conditions, I have read this season will be similar to last year which was great I was done by the end of August and smoking the bud by mid September.

When you pop your beans put them under some sort of light, the more intense the better, at this point it only needs to be at the blue end of the spectrum to help them get started, then after a couple of weeks once they get stronger put them outside for half a day for a couple of days to acclimatize them to the sun, you will see the plant respond and know if it is ready to be outside.

With the auto flowering strain it should flower once it reaches about 30 to 35 days old, although I have kept an auto flower in veg for 2 months, but that was by providing the right conditions, outside in your back yard it will be getting full spectrum light from the sun so it will just do what is required you wont need to trick it into flowering by putting something over the plant or placing it in a shed to control the amount of light it receives.

With the LED 15W just two won't provide much light a few more would not go amiss, people use those 125W CFL's to get plants started and veg plants, so they were not a waste of money, just add a couple more, their light output is probably like a 20 or 30W normal bulb.

Hope this helps, happy growing...

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Thank you gasmeter. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. have a great evening. 


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Hi kareng123

your welcome thats what the forum is about sharing information and helping each other to grow collie :pleasantry:

Checkout the outdoor journals to see what people can achieve in different condition my last outdoor journal was 2017 some Passion #1 from Dutch Passion its a great strain for our climate it finishes in 6 weeks and they do an auto version.

It is also worth checking out the indoor journals too, you can learn a lot from them, and if you have questions someone will answer and offer advice.


Likkle more

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