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Shaggy's "The Doctor" Mega Contest grow

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Thanks @g22.  I've thought of that and have researched some cameras.  There is very little, if any, mobile reception at the site though (bad planning on my part) so I would not get a live feed. Still an option for me though, and I'm still thinking about it :-)


As an aside, I have been such an IDIOT with the GreenHouse Feeding's I was sent.


My thought process when I got it was that GHF had come up with a new package design and had dropped 'Bio' from the name. It did to cross my mind that Grow was not BioGrow, and was indeed a whole different line of nutrients!  What a numpty I can be!


So, with the above thought process, I was using it as I would the Bio line of nutrients. Hence how I fried some plants and got lucky with the others.


I had a look yesterday at the other packet GHF sent me for the competition along with the Grow and Enhancer, ie, Hybrid. Sure enough, it's a water soluble mineral line suitable for Hybrid plants, in veg AND flower (for some reason I though it was a Bloom nutrient for just the flowering phase = doh!).

I have ran out of [Mineral] Grow and thought therefore I'd ran out of veg nutrients, but it turns out I have not. So, feed the plants in Luxembourg (the competition plants) Hybrid (mixed in water this time, lol) for the rest of the competition while I can.


I'm due to leave Luxembourg at the end of June, so the Bio line would have been great to mix into the media / top dress so I could leave them be and they would be fed. I only have Hybrid and Enhancer left, so they will have to cope with a good feeding of that between now and when I leave.


I better get on making some good photo's in June so I can try to win the monthly photo comp, and hopefully be able to choose some BioGrow & BioBloom so I can mix that in to feed the Lux-ladies while I'm not there.


Happy Growing!

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You can buy the bio line in belgium or on internet maybe you can find a goed shop with the bioline not so far from the border of Luxemburg or in Luxemburg?

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Hi @ShaggyGrower

I noticed in an earlier post you mentioned that you had not worked out how to insert videos from Instagram into a post here on the forum.

To embed a video from Instagram just got to the post page containing the video and copy the URL from the browsers address bar then paste into the forum post like below.


With a You Tube video just copy and paste the URL of the page containing the video the same way.

Dont use the embed code because it is meant to be inserted or pasted into the source code of your post or the web page, the editor does not provide a means to view the source code of the post, you can insert a block of example code using the <> code button but it is rendered as is like <html> source code not a video as above.

The editor automagically does the right thing with the URL as though you have inserted the embed code making it a simple task for end users who probably do not know html, in the same way you don't need to know about how an internal combustion engine works to drive a car.

Happy growing...


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Hi mate, 


How's everything going here, buddy? 

I hope you are well and will soon show us some nice pictures of your beautiful plants :)  Have a nice day! 

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A long overdue update on here for The Doctor. Been feeding her mineral Hybrid nutrients (does both veg & flower) :party:


I moved her from her spot in the nettles, where she had been blown over, and had stayed blown over for a few days. By last weekend, in her new spot with the others, she had straightened herself out a bit.



























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1 minute ago, OG.Naj said:

International gerilla style :-)


Hope you and your plants are well!


Thanks mate. I left them on Sunday 30th June. July was the hottest on record in Luxembourg. August has been rainy.  Either died or thrived, obviously hoping for the latter, lol. Where they are is a very moss covered forest, so if the elements have not watered them (rain), hopefully humidity will have. I have some expectation they might have survived my lack of watering due to the very thick moss about. Moss does not like very dry conditions, so the place I chose was for this reason. Reasoning; if moss can survive, perhaps so can The Doctor(s).


I've pencilled in the 1st/2nd week of September to go visit their plot, as that should be when they're going into flower if they're alive. I can do a defoliaton/pruning if they're still going. I'll give them a feed, but Greenhouse sent me their mineral line, not the powder line. The latter would have been handy to top dress and leave. The former, I found burns the heck out of the plants when you try to top dress with it, lol. Always read the packet :-)


Happy Growing!

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Lol it think also that mineral as a top dress can burn yeah, you dont think that you will have to much hummidity in flowering in your spot ina the forest?


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18 minutes ago, OG.Naj said:

Lol it think also that mineral as a top dress can burn yeah, you dont think that you will have to much hummidity in flowering in your spot ina the forest?



I think there will be high humidity during flower, so a good test of the genetics' resistance to powdery mildew, botrytis, etc.   :clapping:


If they're still alive when I get there, I'll give them treatments with Diatomaceous earth, Pyrethrum 5 EC, and potassium bicarbonate, and wish them well until I go back mid/late October.


Granted, I'm giving these genetics a VERY stern test. We shall see.


Happy Growing!

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Hey @ShaggyGrower,

How's the growing going? It looks like a lot of work for growing in those places, are the plants far from a water source? It looks like it's only me and you who are growing guerrilla in the competition, your plants look healthy in the pictures.
I chose the Sweet Valley Kush because I thought they would be shorter than all the other plants I have The Church, Big Bang, Himalaya Gold that are all from GHS and Blue Hash from Dinafem. In retrospect maybe I should've just taken The Doctor which has a shorter flowering time outdoors than the Sweet Valley Kush but only time can tell.

I'm growing on top of a beaver dam that is in a swamp in a nature reserve, it was a pain in the ass to get all the plants there with pots and soil but they are doing great at the spot, they get lots of sunlight and the Sweet Valley Kush isn't at all that short or it might be that they are getting a lot of sunlight.

I am facing the same dilemma with flowering and humidity, I hope the Sweet Valley Kush is resistant to fungus and mold. My biggest problem now is being ready for when the frost comes, I truly hope that I can harvest around mid October but as soon as the first frost comes I'll have to start reconsidering harvesting.

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Hi @Guovsahas,


I've still have no idea if my The Doctor's are alive and thriving, or not.  I must plan a trip back to Luxembourg to their guerrilla spot to check.

There's not much of a water source where they are planted, but I am hoping that because the forest has very thick moss in it, that there is enough moisture in the air for their leaves to supplement any water they can obtain by their roots.


When I make the trip to see them, if they're still alive, I shall feed them with the Mineral line I was given for this contest.  While it is not used the same as the Bio line I was given in the previous competition, I shall have to devise as way to feed them the Mineral line over time (which it is not meant to do, as opposed to the Bio line which is).


Your grow on top of a beaver dam sounds interesting :-)


Happy Growing!

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Yeah I read that you were in a tight spot regarding your living situation, I hope things have worked out and that your plants have survived. Cannabis plants are hardy plants and can survive almost anything.

When my son was born, I didn't have the opportunity to go to the spot for a while but they stayed alive and are doing good except that they are very hungry now.

So do you have to carry water to the spots? Moss is a good way to trap moisture but it also depends on rain.


The beaver dam was the only part of the swamp that was above water, I didn't want to risk the plants drowning if there would be heavy rain and I just happened to find it in the swamp when doing reconnaissance for guerilla spots. Swamp growing is something I've done in the past because people wouldn't walk into swamps except biologists.


Happy growing to you as well!

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Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed,

A poor Ol' Luxembourger, barely kep' his fam'ly fed,

And then one day, he was rootin' 'roud for Schrooms,

And Lo and Behold,    -  -     "'Holy Mother of F__k, Look what I found here !!!..."


Cannabis, that is....,       My Green Dream....,      It's the Doctor !!!...


Well, the first thing you know, ol'Jeb's done lost his mind.

His neighbor homeless says, "Jeb, pack some here in mine !"

Said, "We're a'needin' still some more Duffelbags"

So they loaded up a truck an' they moved it all at night.


School's Attic, nice an warm, high as shit...



The Banks of the Saur River Find !


- - - - - - - - - - - - -



- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Well now it's time to say goodbye to all of Shaggy's Weed,

He worked so hard, but it's a waste despite of all his need.

You're all invited back next year to this locality,

To have a heapin' helpin' of his hospitality.


ShaggyGrower, that is.  If he plants some more...


Ya'll come back now, ya hear?











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