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Hola Growers,


Been a while, but im finally growing here in Spain, but since ive never had any autoflowers and they are between my other strains on 20 hours light.

While the rest is still growing the autoflowers has started to flower, which is great but i have a question about the ph minus i am using ...

Since they have been growing i of course use a PH - grow , can i keep using the same for autoflowers ??? I have ph - bloom as well , i didnt think about it first but love to hear from you guys .


Pictures next time !!


Ganja XL greetings

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So now my grow is happening, i have been splitting the watering into two different, one for grow and one for bloom.

I always use the two different PH minus, for grow and bloom seperately.

My yournal has been posted on the indoor grow yournal grow section.


I still didnt read from anyone answering my question, but i keep them on cob leds 20 hours a day....together with the other ladies.

Next week i will have the room on 12/12 and put the auto's back and forth to get the 18 hours they need ..



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I personally use the same ph dow and up for both growth and flowering without any problem, always good results

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