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Growing several Strains under LED/COB

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Hola Growers,


Ive been member for a while but was never in the opportunity to start a grow, and due to personal issues ( wife got really sick and needed surgery ) , we had to go back and forth from Spain back to Holland and back times ... ,  but now its time for new steps in the future and growing is a huge part of the plans we have.


Several years ago i bought different strains from GreenHouse and Strainhunters seeds, a friend in spain kept/saved them in his fridge for us so when the time came we had some seeds to start growing with.

Allthough the seeds are at least 4 years old, but kept in a fridge i took several to start the grow with.

Back in Holland last year,  ive bought a few nice strains to use as well, but the rest of the seeds i keep for next grows.


The strains ive put in are :


White Widow ( greenhouse seeds)

Super Critical ( greenhouse seeds)

Super Silver Haze ( greenhouse seeds)

Flower Bomb Kush ( greenhouse seeds )

Shiva Shanti gift from my spanish mate .... old seeds !

Currylator ( gift seed from Amsterdam Grower Centre )

Blue Dream CBD humbold ( Amsterdam Grower Centre )

XXL Blueberry Haze auto ( growers choice seeds )


As lights , ive bought some great  full spectrum leds

Mastergrow 3600 W

Set of three mastergrow 1800W

Mastergrow 2400W COB , deep penetration lights .

Ive never used any other light then good old Philips Son T plus , but since we are in spain the heat will be too much to control the temperature well enough to grow indoors.

And they are now 50.000 hours and three years warranty  ;-)


As nutricans ... A / B Grow - A / B Bloom

PH - minus grow and bloom


Light Mix Soil and 100 liters of Coco pelimix

Rhysotonic root stimulator


I got ligt mix soil and only use growbags for my grows, so first put them in the smallest growbags  to put them into all sizes, from 3 to 19 gallon bags i have to work with.

The grow has differed size growing bags and i cant be more happy with them !



In coming messages and updates i will give some more details and make nicer pictures .


Hope u like !








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A week later and the baby girls are becoming fuller and very bushy, so i decided its time to get ride off the lower part and give her some air.

Ive splitt the room with two leds one each side, the COB led 2400W on one side and a led 1800W double chipped on the other.

I see that the autoflowers are starting to flower and one of them is getting huge, i topped her so she wont be too bigg being a blueberry xxl auto.


The developement under these lights is fantastic, i couldnt be more happy with what i see.

In a few days they will go on flowering 12\12 hour, and in the time the auto needs more light they will probebly be outside partly under the spanish sun and the cob led light during the evenings and nights.


Hope some enjoy the pics !

Happy Growing !







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I got one that got yellow from the start, not sure what it is maybe a special off grow, but thats the funny one for now ...not too happy with tat one but what can i do but wait

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Another update since i started this story the ladies are doing very well.

I think next time i buy new leds i will take cob only, as they seem to be even better then the other double leds.


Anyways, the weather outside isnt good enough for at least after 4 20, but not muh longer, so the girls can get some sunlight as well.

Well judge for yourselves and do leave a message !?!


The blueberry auto's are blooming, ive added a few pics, then the ss haze in the big growpot is getting really full and great ..still on 20 hours light since seeds went into the ground.

Very happy overall, very very healthy plants if i may say myself ..


The last time i gave them feed, water on a 6.0 ph and 50ml A and 50 ml B on 24 liters of water, together with some rootstimulator.

Next is to repot the six in 3 gallon pots to 7 gallon pot, and hopefully have the auto's outside most of the time ...then change to bloom and see what the rest of this journal brings me .

Happy Growing !!











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I found out the ph meter i bought wasnt doing its job well, i found the problem, had a feeling it was off, saw leaves unhappy it had to be measurement it was and now the girls will be more happier.

The Blueberry XXL auto is doing great ... unfortunately i dont have a filter for my phone so most pictures are with red led colours ..


But here is the update till now

first seeds strouted around march 1st


Happy growing and do say what you think or like the journal, im not making it just for myself ppl !








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