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The Church, Himalaya Gold, Big Bang & Blue Hash Outdoor Grow

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I had to write my first post on textedit because there was some problems writing on safari however it works on all other browsers but nuff said about that so if anyone else is having problems writing posts just change browsers.


I'm a outdoor grower but I can't say I'm a veteran yet, I only have 10 years experience of growing outdoors most of which is in Scandinavia. I really like the Scandinavian countries BUT the weed laws in Sweden are terrible and the pot is even worse EXCEPT in Denmark. The reason I grow my own is so I don't support organized crime groups that are currently battling it out in various suburbs in Swedish cities for control of the drug market and I also grow my own so I can control the whole process of what goes on in the plant.

This became very important for me when I worked a couple of months at a grow store in Stockholm which was selling a lot of equipment to people that you wouldn't want to befriend and hangout with however every now and then there were old hippies and dudes that I got along with, I constantly got into arguments with my former boss because he was selling Rox Plant Enhancer to some of the shady big growers. Rox Plant Enhancer is carcinogenic so I tried to convert the shady guys to go organic but all they cared about was weight so I got even more determined on growing my own but eventually I quit working at that grow store and today and also that grow store has been shut down for money laundering and a bunch of other charges.


I have always been for organic horticulture especially when it comes to my pot, even my first indoor grow I tried the biobizz organic line but I still prefer making sure everything is in the soil rather than coming with additives and nutrients in various stages.

I was actually also reconsidering taking a course in tree climbing and treehouse building so that I could setup a platform at some treetops but it was a bit overkill however one day I think I want to try it out just for fun.


I really look forward for this season, I'm hoping it's going to be a good one. I've bought a rubber dinghy so I can get to some "islands" that I've spotted in a swamp/bog, I've grown in swamps before. It's a pain in the ass to prepare grow spots but it's surrounded by reeds and the swamp is so deep in that it requires a rubber dinghy to get to the "islands".

I've also got a spot near a turn of a highway that is close to another bog so it can only be reached if you take a long walk through a forest or stop at the highway, now the worst thing that could happen at the spot near the highway is that there is a car accident and emergency services come to the place while a strong wind happens to blow in their direction but it's highly unlikely, I've found moose droppings in the area so I'm mostly worried of running into a female moose with a calf.

Another spot I've been scouting is actually near a old grow spot but it's also surrounded by reeds and I've already placed some boards nearby so I can build a platform to keep the plants from the water.


All of the grow spots are near a water source in the middle of a nature reserve so the water is safe to use and there's a lot of natural springs in the area. The only thing I'm worried about if this is a season with heavy flooding, that would really force me to reconsider my current plan and do it near a highway I've grown before however it's further away from water so it's a bitch to carry water to the plants.


I'm hoping that my biochar in my soil will keep me from needing to water too often, last years heatwave was hot in Sweden with forest fires everywhere in the country however it was a great year for growing.

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Mate, that is great to hear you have so many options. Plant in all of those places and twice as many more so you will have the great success this year and no broken heart if one or two does not work.


I will be adding 1 OLLA holding 10 liters of water to my spots to keep from watering or maybe only one or two times all season that is all. Water plant and fill olla.If olla still full, and plant looking good, go home. The water seeps out very slowly and roots grab on to the surface like a hand holding a ball and this keeps all soil moist and plants big






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I am making the OLLA my self, by creating clay with this guy's advice: http://www.practicalprimitive.com/skillofthemonth/processingclay.html


Making the pot without spinning, only pinching and curling like art class https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/daily/pottery-making-techniques/handbuilding-techniques/pinch-pot-technique-fundamental-way-make-beautiful-pitcher/


And firing the pottery in a kiln dug out of the earth https://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/firing-pottery-zmaz81jazraw



Leave your OLLA unglazed* so the water can seep through for the plants

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I really like the idea of Ollas, thanks for sharing but the climate along the coast is wet and cooler. Last year was unusually hot for Sweden BUT it could mean that this year there's a lot more rain with risk of flooding. I'm looking at other methods to retain water in the soil, with the use of biochar and vermiculite so it drain however I might be putting a olla at the a drier spot. I think the number of plants I've chosen are enough, my pots are 40L hence why I need a rubber dinghy to move out all the soil amendments in the bog. It's also not really a bog in the sense like a marshland but its part of a lake that is more like a bog, one can get to the "islands" that way. I've had 70 plants a couple years back and it was a lot of work for a guerilla gardener, I carried out all the soil amendments which was like over 2 tons and I do train a lot so it's not a problem for me. I don't feel like doing that again instead I'm going for a couple of bigger plants so that's why 40L pots seemed reasonable without causing too much suspicion. I can keep most pests away like deer, moose etc but like I wrote earlier my biggest worry is humans who are out hiking or youth who are out drinking in the woods so I need to rely on natural barriers like rose bushes, nettles, bogs/marshes etc. I once put a couple of plants at the university one summer, nobody noticed them because it was in the middle of a rose bush that I had cleared out in the middle and I cut a path I could crawl to at night, there was a lot of people at the university BUT rose bush with its thorns kept people away. It was great, a friend of mine said that someone would notice the smell however even if it smelled nobody knew where the smell came from and the plants at the university was a great smoke they became nice and purple, almost black when the temperature dropped

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4 hours ago, Guovsahas said:

 I once put a couple of plants at the university one summer, nobody noticed them because it was in the middle of a rose bush that I had cleared out in the middle and I cut a path I could crawl to at night, there was a lot of people at the university BUT rose bush with its thorns kept people away. It was great, a friend of mine said that someone would notice the smell however even if it smelled nobody knew where the smell came from and the plants at the university was a great smoke they became nice and purple, almost black when the temperature dropped

You sir are a true scholar and gentleman. I salute you

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So it looks like I'm also in the competition, I chose the Sweet Valley Kush since it was short and great for guerilla growing but I can't change the name of the thread I'll have to start a separate one for the competition. I look forward for the Sweet Valley Kush because it becomes darker in the last weeks of its flowering cycle.

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I was just checking out ollas and I found a video of a swedish woman who made a ingenious system using gravity, this is a system I'm currently looking into at a dryer spot because I don't want to draw too much attention by watering too much, it's ingenious and low-tech but still unsure if it's applicable in a guerilla grow setting.



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A update on the grow, I was planning to get the plants out by 1st of May because most people are busy around that time BUT I had to rethink the whole thing due to a cold front coming in. Yesterday it snowed so I'm happy I didn't take out the plants but tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of prep work on the site that is most suitable, for prep work I bring a axe, a pair of secateurs, a knife and wolf urine, I also bought a paranag so I can make a like a fence.
I've also got chicken wire that I'll wrap around the plants because when I went scouting I found moose droppings and I saw a couple of deer, the chicken wire will protect the plants a bit but I know from experience that wolf urine is even better way of keeping large mammals from a spot.

I am doing all the prep work even carrying some soil mix to the spot before I bring the plants, I'm actually a bit nervous for that part because the larger my plants get the harder it will be to conceal them. I usually put the plants into large soda bottles so that they are protected during transport but some of the larger ones are going to be problematic to fit.

I like guerilla growing but I really wish I had a farm like some of my friends south of the city I live in have, they grow a couple of plants on their property but me living in the city I've got to scout for spots using google maps or just stumble upon them when hiking, last year when I was scouting for a spot using google maps it looked like a great spot but when I came there I found condoms all over the place and I happened to walk upon a gay couple having sex on a cliff so what looks like a great spot on google maps might be used for other purposes by others.

Does anyone have any tips for transporting larger plants? I added a photo of how I transport plants, the photo I took is a terrarium but I use soda bottles to protect the plants while moving them


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So I was out to a spot I found while I was out hiking in the forest, I found a wetland with tall reeds so I went there and I realized that it's perfect. I moved the pots there which was really hard to get to, it took me all in all 8 hours to carry 12 pots and 12 plants. The first time I went there I saw a man with his dog around the close to the wetlands so I had to hide all the pots and come back later, I came back a couple of hours later and continued carrying all the pots to the spot through the wetlands.
The spot was perfect, the plants will be hidden from people, it's extremely hard to get to and in the reeds there are a lot of game trails that lead in different directions so I can choose different ways of getting to the spot and there's a couple of beaver dens in the area which created the wetlands in the first place.

I'm a hardcore environmentalist at heart so knowing that it's a wetland I would never use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers because of the risk of it destroying the beautiful wetlands, so I've had to come up with other ways of keeping deer and moose from eating my plants which is a method I've used before and that's wolf urine, however until the wolf urine arrives I wrapped the pots in chicken wire.

I will regularly spray wolf urine around my spot in order to keep moose and deer away from my spot, also I suggest checking with local environmental departments on water quality so you get a idea of the pH and so on, the river that flows close to the wetlands is tested every three years and won't be tested until 2020 so no biologists will be walking around the river. The river water is perfect and safe to use, I will take all necessary measures in order to prevent that my plants contaminate the wetlands and river.

The soil I mixed is all with organic soil, organic cow manure, biochar that's been activated in organic chicken manure for a year, I've also added basalt rock dust from Scotland for trace minerals and seaweed powder from Ireland.

I started picking up garbage around the wetlands before heading back and then I met the man with his dog who I was worried about, it turned that he goes there to let the dog run free while he enjoys a beer since his wife gets upset when he drinks beer:rofl: We talked for a bit, he seems chill, he is a member of the Swedish green party and he thinks I'm a biology student who went to study the beavers and got so upset with all the garbage around the wetlands so he got really happy that someone is doing small things to preserve the beautiful wetlands.

















Can you spot the plants and pots? This is guerilla growing. I know where they are in the picture, I just wanted to share how well hidden they are.


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wowhh ,labour intensive i guess even if you are a real outdoor person ,respect my friend  ,and i will never complain again growing in my backyard :sorry:

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I'm sorry I haven't updated for a bit but my girlfriend who is pregnant has been at the hospital so I didn't leave her side except when I went watering the plants on the site yesterday. I've lost two Himalayan Gold because they dried out but all the other are doing fine, I'm putting some LECA on top so that not all the water evaporates as quick. I also am adding more plants to the site since I'm in the Greenhouse Mega Contest so that grow journal link is here (https://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/12360-nordic-guerilla-sweet-valley-kush-mega-contest/)















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A update on my grow, my plants are doing great and growing fast. Every time I come to the spot I am amazed how fast they've grown. I've lost two Himalaya Gold but they were weak so natural selection decided that they weren't going to make it.

I'm also taking out later today the Sweet Valley Kush plants I got for the mega grow contest.

The Sweet Valley Kush plants will be grown with Greenhouse Powder Feeding so let's see how that turns out
















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So I've moved out all the plants for this grow and when I was moving these last plants two ended up getting their stem broken, one Big Bang and one Sweet Valley Kush. I was carrying the plants to my cargobike which was prepped to go and then my neighbor comes out so I had to be fast to put everything in the bike so that my neighbor doesn't ask too many questions.

I was about to have a heart attack due to the stress but I kept my composure and when started working on his flowers, I politely said I was in a hurry to finish some errands before I go to work, it wasn't until I arrived that I saw that when I put the bag with the plants in the cargo bike I saw the damage but knowing cannabis plants I know they'll recover in time.
Not only that but when I was out there in the marsh cutting the chicken wire I hear a helicopter in the distance, I had to stop everything I was doing and move to the treeline and look like someone who is just walking in the woods but once the helicopter was close enough to see I saw that it wasn't a police helicopter however I waited until it was gone and then I did the last remaining work then left the place. I didn't want to hang around there longer than necessary but I took some pictures of the plants before leaving.

The other plants out there were doing great and have grown A LOT, every time I come there they seem to be getting bigger and bigger.






















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I took out the last plants to the spot and now I'll just be there to water the plants, I don't need to worry about moving pots and plants anymore which is a huge relief, I also took a sample of the water close by that I'm using for the plants to check the pH, I was at first a bit worried that the pH was too low but the sample showed that the water is perfect.

The plants are growing fine, the Himalaya gold is a definite champ growing tallest of all while the Big Bang plants are much more bushy, also the Bluehash is catching up to the Himalaya gold in height. The Church plants aren't as bushy but just after the Bluehash plant in height.

Let's see how this season turns out, I actually think that this season is going to be great. I ran out of chicken wire so a couple of plants have been bunched together, primarily the Big Bang plants and the Sweet Valley Kush plants that are on the competition thread

These are the Big Bang






This is the Himalaya Gold with the Bluehash behind it



This is the bluehash


This is the Himalaya Gold and the Bluehash


Here are some of the Church plants hidden in the reeds









pH reading of the water I use that's close by


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The weather is great and the sunshine is making the plants bigger and bigger for every time I come there.

The Big Bang Plant that got its stem damaged has recovered and is growing strong, maybe a bit shorter than the rest of the plants but the stem has healed.

All the plants have reached out of their cages and want to grow in width, I'm soon going to remove the plants from their cages so that they can thrive but there are a lot of moose and deer in the area, I've seen tracks on the game trails that I follow to my spot.

Here are some lovely pics of the plants

The Himalaya Gold




Himalaya Gold & Blue Hash


Blue Hash


Big Bang



The Church









Big Bang


The Church




The Big Bang that got its stem damaged in transport that recovered


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Sorry for not updating for a bit but I've been at the hospital with my wife who just gave birth to our boy, I spent a couple of days with the little guy and headed out to check on the plants a couple of days later, the first time I got there I saw that I needed to feed ALL OLDER PLANTS except the Sweet Valley Kush plants that are still doing fine and don't need a feeding yet.

Enjoy the pics































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