Holy punch, Francos lemon cheese, El chapo, shishkaberry x old widow

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Quick run through 

1.4sqm tent 

300w & 400w spektrum King led

Buddhas tree organicus base nutrients, Solar green power, flower burst, pk9-18, advanced meta boost 

Ecothrive charge and biosys microbe tea

Holy punch and Francos lemon cheese by greenhouse seeds 

El chapo by sour genetics and the plug seedbank

Shishkaberry x old widow by old school genetics

Grown in Ecothrive coco 60/40 clay pebbles 18L pots hand watered 

Gave 8 weeks veg due to killing off a pest problem but all gone now and are day 7 12/12






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This is sad. You had to throw them a away?

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@Chefblake420Very sad but at least I'm still here and able to start again which I will be soon will be doing a reg seed run of 9lb hammer jinxproof genetics killer queen brothers grimm seeds and death by cake og x frostbite from a UK seed company ud genetics I've had words with the so called grass and he won't open his mouth again 

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