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coco_taste - Testing PureKush (thanks Romeu9) - 31/12/2010

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Hello everyone!

Here's my seed testing, after Romeu9 gave me 2seeds, since I mailed Franco, but had no Romeu9 kindly gave me these seeds and I'm testing them.. :D

So here's my setup:

-------------Vegetative Grow-----------------

HomeBox 60 x 60 x 120 cm

CFL 200W 27000Kelvin

150mm outtake fanh

100mm intake fan

--------Flowering Grow-------------

HomeBox 100x100x200 cm


400m3/h Extractor Fan & CarbonFilter

125mm Intake Fan

400m Fan

And here are the puddings: :D

Soil: 50% ATA KiloMix / 50% CocoFiber 7L Pots

Ferts (Base Feeding): House&Garden Coco A+B / ATA Organics Grow-C & Bloom-C

Boosters: ANP Roots / B'Cuzz Soil Booster / BioNova Algeamix / B'Cuzz Bloei / ATAMI Bloombastic / ATA Organics Alga-C & Flavor / BioNova Zyms. (I dont use all these boosters at once, it depends on growth-stage)


I've started hatching them two week ago (21/December), since here is kind of cold (average 15ºC) they only hatched @ 27/Decembre, beeing in these pots they have 2weeks since I started to hatch them, dipping them into a glass of water overnight, and transfering them to a wetpaper (but kept them in the kitchen, not a smart choice...).

As you can see, only one has already opened, the other is yet to open (but on her way, anytime now..)

PureKush @ 5 days after planting


the struggling one :D


on their way...


their home... :D


So I've just watered them once (@ planting lightly) with pH balanced water (6.2), and they've emerged and this is day 5 (31/12/2010)

Going to water anytime now, with a light dose of rootstimulator..

Any ideas: I'm all ears! (or in this case eyes :D )

peace good ppl!

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yeah Fuzzy, anytime now, i've just pulled some soil to support the stem, just waiting on the other one to get a little stronger to repot them toa bigger pot...but thanks ;)

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No problem, coco! ;)

You are a good teacher!

Thanks for everything!

Good Luck!

Take care

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