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Serious Discussion: Malaria

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We all know Malaria is a more than serious issue in Africa. Right now Malaria is even spreading in Venezuela and of course we all know how awful things can go if Malaria spreads over the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania - world-wide plague.


How do we handle this issue as sentient beings?


A few options: tinctures of different plant barks for preventatives or cures, colloidal silver to kill the disease in the body - none of this can be produced quick enough nor will it attack the origin, so what are we left to do?


Is there an insect that eats mosquitoes? Certainly, the dragon fly, but does the dragon fly itself harbor Malaria and aid in the spread no matter what?


We hybridize plants all day - can we hybridize dragon flies that will outcompete other dragon flies in the Congo for example and rid Africa of Malaria?


Maybe cross a dragon fly from Brazil with one in south India for example. Maybe the answer is in a hybrid bat or a hybrid fish which eats the eggs of mosquitoes or maybe even a hybridized nematode which loves stagnant water and attacking the DNA of the Malaria in the first place.


I know the world is full of "no-not-possible" people so this thread is really not for you, show me some research, what can you come up with GHS team

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