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Three leaves per node "Ayahuasca Purple" from Barney's Farms

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Bought this feminized  Ayahuasca Purple seed from Barney's Farms from GYO Seedbank and it grows three leaves per node . Has anyone ever seen a cannabis plant that grows like this ? Popped her April 15th . I will update once a month . Praying for a nice harvest . Grown in 7 gallon fabric pot with 20% Fox farms Ocean Forrest Soil , 20%BusBlendCompost, 20%WormCastings , and 40% perlite , and 1/3 cup of dolamite lime to control PH. I feed her using 5-1-1 fish emulsion and 3 drops of Superthrive per gallon of water for veg , and foliar spraying neem oil , and fresh aloe vera , and giving it Compost tea made with compost and molasses brewed for 18-20 hours until bubbly and frothy . Also give it coconut water mixed 1/4 strength with water once every two weeks when watering . Top dress with Down To Earth Bio-Live 5-4-4 as well as Bio-Live 3-16-0 and once she starts flowering I will top dress Bio-Live Langbeinite 0-0-22 along with Alaska Morebloom 0-10-10 with Arcadian Sea Kelp which I also use as a foliar spray and root drench during her whole life cycle . I never over water , better to underwater until it gets to be middle of summer when I will water sometimes once every two days . But when they are young I water once every 4 days until I put them in their final 7-10-20 gallon pots , at that point I water once every 5-7 days . They love you when you water them fully , but also wait until they are really thrirsty. I have another 10 plants to show you as well that I am experimenting with monster cropping , low stress training , and bending . Happy Growing 🙏🌞💦🌱🌳



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