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9lb hammer killer queen deathbycakeog og x frostbite

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Hey back at it again! 

I'm currently doing a reg seed run putting on more than needed hoping for enough to fill my space so far I have found 2 males 4 weeks into veg looking like I might find 1 more they are smelling lovely at them moment and currently what are standing out are the death by cake og x frostbite a UK seed company. They seem to be very stable consistent and little males and no reports of hermies these are freebies I got with an order and are showing lovely branching and seem to want a lot of space which I think I'm gonna run into trouble with them. 

Rundown of equipment nutrients and plants

9lb Hammer jinxproof genetics

Killer queen Brothers Grimm seeds 

Death by cake og x frostbite UD Genetics

1.2x2.4x2. 2 green cube quick cube frame

300w spectrum king led

400w spectrum king led

6" phresh hyperfan extractor 

5" rhino twin speed fan intake 

Buddhas tree nutrients 

Organicus 99% 1part base nutrient veg/flower suitable for vegetarians and vegans, advanced meta boost, solar green power, flower burst, pk 9/18, Cx horticulture regen a root, Ecothrive charge and biosys microbe tea

Ecothrive coco/pebbles 40/60IMG_20190727_101853.thumb.jpg.5a4253333231341a03adf7c4954a00ae.jpg9lb HammerIMG_20190727_101901.thumb.jpg.2193a4e17e232aabdbe1c2981e266eee.jpgdeath by cake og x frostbite IMG_20190727_101856.thumb.jpg.9e26493beb5b3049bc122026a772ff3b.jpgkiller Queen with a cheeky bagseed rescued from a friends windowsill orange mints jungle boys IMG_20190727_102004.thumb.jpg.0d400521196d7fcda621a669a955ae1a.jpgkiller queen IMG_20190726_201328_212.thumb.jpg.1a333a1290a93f3bf597fee893f6990e.jpgdeath by cake og x frostbite IMG_20190724_183405_363.thumb.jpg.a6d65fdfdeb00957b29cb420ecb1c285.jpg9lb Hammer old pic a lot bigger now  IMG_20190727_101915.thumb.jpg.0e2208270cec3a97aa3bfcff92fd59ce.jpggroup shot 

I've used an old 1.2x1.2 frame inside as the quick cube tent frame is like a gazebo frame and I was concerned about the bottom getting sucked up if had no trays down so may end up putting a net on frame later. 

I have and probably will end up with more than needed and should have but I have a friend waiting for the overload lol. Going to be giving them another 3 weeks veg max then flip them. 

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Been in and had a look and they have started to not like the heat! Either that or my microbe tea I made them was bad I did take the risk as not using a filter my tap water had only been bubbled with a tiny airstone for just over 12hrs so may have not cleared all the chlorine. 1 minor set back they will bounce back but I have just ordered thus new product that will help this not happen again 






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Gonna be going 12/12 Monday going to be giving them a heavy dedoliation today before they go in to help lower humidity get better airflow and open up for more light penetration. Going to up their feed too started beginning of week giving the buddhas tree flower burst which is sulphur amongst other products to help ease them into flowering lower stretch and get flowers starting sooner only used it once before and notice a massive difference in how they hardly stretched at all and started full flower by 7 days 12/12 may not be a major time saving difference but it does help towards the end. Had some odour problems which have been sorted my error I turned the extract down and left intake. The jungle boys bagseed of orange mints is small and not very strong branches so won't expect much off it but hopefully some tastey clean smoke 









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On 23/08/2019 at 0:23 PM, OG.Naj said:

Looks good , can i ask you whats the sensor white and pink in your tent?

Hey @OG.Najits a temperature humidity thermometer it stores up to 100 days data and can read it through an app on phone. Helps dial in your conditions. Hong Kong company ibebot make them their are other which are better but for £30 they are worth the money 

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At start of week 6 now last week of feed then a 3-4 week flush 3 phenos of 9lb hammer  1 look amazing but has no smell hope it comes out towards the end others are really fruity stink to high heaven 1 has good size buds other has small buds be lucky if main 1 weighs more than an oz lol. Killer queen had me thinking in wasting my time as small buds no resin and no smell but it smells of grapefruit and resin is coming in abundance now and my death by cake og x frostbite I think has been under too much light so I moved it to other side of tent were led is a lower wattage hoping it will flourish  better but it is sticky as and really smells of cake mix 






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