Addiction to Alchohol

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According to this article some of the warning signs of dependence on alcoholic drinks are when a person:

- begins to skip exercising

- neglects to eat a healthy diet

- drinks more than anyone in their family or social circle

- cannot have fun without alcohol

- needs a progressively greater number of drinks to feel high

- misses important deadlines at school or work

- does not meet social obligations

- feels uncomfortable at the thought of not having access to alcohol

- often ends up drinking more than intended

- starts drinking in the morning

- starts drinking alone

- relies on alcohol as a form of stress relief

- needs more drinks to feel high

- has escalated the number of drinks since first starting to drink

- suffers blackouts after drinking sessions


I counted 8 out of 15. What do you think, is it serious? How many "points" do you have?

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Hey @Lisa2525  all the things listed are symptoms of being addicted to alcohol not warning signs.

I would advise you to quit sis an lock it off you are bigger than it...

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I think that the alcohol addiction is very hard to be treated. These people find their escape in the bottle and they don’t feel or understand the real world. They live in their imaginary universe and it is very hard to help them. I think that if you know someone who is addicted to alcohol, you should help them. Everyone needs a second chance. You may see the addiction helpline and try to put them on the right way. It is awful to see how some is ruining himself.

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The problem with alcohol addiction is that it is very hard for an addict to distance themselves from it, because it is so normalized in society, on tv there are adverts, lots of shops sell it like super markets, so for an addict there are constant reminders of the thing they crave, so relapsing is inevitable.

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