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Hello Hunters,


I begining this new topic to share with you my little play room with some home cross i make to create my personal strain and seeds.


The first cross I make is the Napoleon Haze  

Napoleon Haze is: Mother GH Super Silver Haze (femalleseeds) X Father Soma Amnesia Haze Male.

I keep two pheno of this cross the #3 and the #4


🍬🍋 Napoleon Haze #3



Napoleon Haze #4



little bud of NH #3 after a good curing





During a flower run, I noticed some male flowers already open on the Dosidos (herma). The pollen flew up on my 2 phenos selection of Napoleon Haze #3 and #4.

I was initially disappointed to see open male flowers in my Dosidos but later I told myself that if there are seeds in my Napoleon Haze I would sow them to see if he could come out of good cross because the two mother are super keeper plant!


Right now i can say that iam very happy with the result of this selfmade cross and i already give some name for this natural cross.


Leonidos is the name of the cross between the NH #3 & Dosidos

It is a combo between napoLEON haze & dosIDOS


I grow 11 seeds of this cross to make a good pheno hunt (9 Leonidos and 3 Lemonchello(x with nh4)) 7 seeds was female, 3 males and 1 hermaphrodite.


Here are the pictures of the 7 plants right now...



Leonidos #1




Leonidos #3



Leonidos #4



Leonidos #5


Leonidos #6



Lemochello #1



Lemochello #2




Next step is to find some keeper out of this run and create my own male.



Have a nice day hunters!








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Hello Hunters,


Here are some news of the breeding room...


The plants grow well and 1 are very different that the other the Leonidos #1 . The structure is more like a Cookies strain, like the father of the dosidos the OGKB. She is very crystalized and she dont have the lemon punch but more sweet, piny pungent smell!



Here are the pics of the Leonidos #1





For comparaison here are the pics of the Lemochello #2





Have a nice and beautiful day hunters!


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Hello Hunters,


Here are some shot of the pheno #1 of the cross Napoleon Haze x Dosidos. This pheno have more the structure of the Dosidos with a little smell of the napoleon haze. This pheno is not the more productive in bud formation but surely the more productive in trichome covering... All the big fan leave is covered. The picture below dont give her justice...





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 Some pics of the Napoleon Haze #4


Napoleon Haze is GH Super Silver Haze x Soma Amnesia Haze. She have a short time flowering for a haze dominant strain and it is my base for the next breeding project. 


Next breeding project is the backcross the leonidos keeper and a new cross with a Sour D bx2 male i selected from Karma genetics.


Grow with bio feeding notill pot second run and She's staking very well under the dimlux 315w cmh. 


NH #4 is a 8-9 weeks pheno 



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Hello hunters,


Here are the new male i selected for my next breeding project.


It is a SourD bx2 male i selected on 11 regular seed pack from Karma Genetics. This is the best male i fund on 6 males totally. I selected this male for the beautiful structure, roots development and for the early flower.







Next step is to take the pollen and cross them with some keeper cut i have like the Napoleon Haze #3, the Leonidos #3 and the Lemonchello #2 :good:

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After the first run of the NapoleonHaze x Dosidos cross i slected 4 good pheno and i kill the 3 other pheno.

I keep the 4 best phenos for a second run to select the 2 best pheno for my next breeding project with the SourD bx2 male. Right now my choice go for the Lemonchello #2 and the Leonidos #3 but we will see in the second run if my choice is the same.



Here are some pics of the 4 best pheno i keep for a second run. Little info is i must harvested this 1 week too early... So the next run will be fun and great to see the difference when they will be harvested at the right time...


Lemonchello #2  (Napoleon Haze #4 x Dosidos)



Leonidos #3 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos)



Leonidos #5 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos)



Leonidos #6 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos)






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Here are the special male box i make before the harvest of the  SourD bx2 male pollen. With this boxe the male can stay in the same room with the female plant without pollination problem.


I will take the pollen in a few days to keep for future breeding project like :


SourD bx2 F2

Napoleon Haze 3 x SourD bx2 male

Napoleon Haze 4 x SourD bx2 male

Leonidos x SourD bx2 male

Lemonchello x SourD bx2 male








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:rofl:Ja ja ja little risk ina di box 🤣😅🤪 but no other possibility to keep males 😎😬 


Hope I can harvest the pollen soon



Ja ja ja poco riesgo en la caja de di 😅 pero no hay otra posibilidad de mantener a los hombres 😎😬 Espero poder cosechar el polen pronto



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Hello Hunters,


Yesterday was the first pollen harvest on my SourD Bx2 male i selected on 6 differents male. I selected this male for his structure, roots developpement and fast flowering.


Directly, i use some pollen to pollinate 1 branche on each female i selected to make some F2 seeds for genetic preservation. I selected the SourD bx21 ,22 & 23.


We will see in a few days the result with the pistil color. If the polinisation was correct, the pistils turn brown after a few days, if not i will repeat the process one more time.


Here are the pictures...

SourD Bx2 male flower + pollen





The little branche of the SourD bx 23 just polinated...



The next step is to polinate my keeper from my previous crossing as the Napoleon Haze#3 , the Leonidos#3 and the Lemonchello... and for sure make SourD Bx2 F2





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Hello Hunters,


Here are some news macro pictures of the Leonidos#3.


Leonidos#3 is  Napoleon Haze #3 (GH Super Silver Haze X Soma Amnesia Haze) X Dosidos ? (herma)


This pheno smell like a citrusy-fruity punch :smoke:


The dosidos give in this cross more punch in the smell, a beautiful structure and more resin coverage :good:


Because of limited place i need to cut-harvested this pheno 1 week earlier. I thinck that the good point and you can clearly see that with the macro shot and the trichomme visual is 1 week later so a full 8,5week of flowering.













Have a nice and beautiful day hunters!


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