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Hello friends,


Just wanted to do a brief intro. 

My name is Chloe and I work for NACPT Pharma College-- Canada's FIRST government approved cannabis diploma provider!


I am so excited to be here --in the cannabis space-- as someone who has always loved cannabis.


I have to say, I am pretty thrilled and excited to be working in the industry. There once was a time we had to go into nearby forests to smoke a j and now we are able to purchase, consume, grow a few of our own plants at home and even STUDY CANNABIS IN COLLEGE!!!  Un-real.


I've been consuming cannabis regularly for almost two decades and am just starting my indoor growing journey. 


I can't wait to learn and share with all of you! 


Thank you all in advance for your kindness and knowledge. :)

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Hi Nacpt and welcome to forum :)


wow, That sounds great. Congratulations :)


It seems like a lot of things are changing on the planet for the better. Let's hope so for all other countries, pending legalization.


Enjoy the forum!

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