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If any of my fellow hunters need any seeds to add to there souvenir collection then please don't hesitate to let a fellow hunter know. Cheaper than anywhere else I can guarantee.


If any of this message breaks the rules then I'm sorry plz delete it. Just trying to get my business of the ground by giving fellow strain hunters the access to cheaper seeds than most other places

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Nearly all done gna take me a few more days to get all my inventory added. My domain becomes active on my site next week for now just using an ecommerce host at the minute. Am I OK to put the Web address on here to let my fellow hunters give me some tips on what else I can do to make it all look better.

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Hi @Gizmo2908 glad to hear your making progress getting your store online.

As of price comparisons this would probably be against the rules of the forum, remember the forum is part of Green Houses marketing and promotion of their business.

As for adding a URL or link to your store this would probably be seen in the same way, check out the foruma rules at the link below.


My advice would be to send a private message to one of the admins who can then advise you, what you do not want to do is compete with GHS in their own back yard.

To achieve good visibility in the search results make sure your store has an XML sitemap this is a simple XML file that just contains a list of all the URL's you want search engine bots to visit, harvest and cache, also make sure the store has a robots.txt file this should contain commands like User-Agent: * this means all search bots are welcome, along with URL's for pages or resources the search bot should ignore.

Also if you have not got a Google account create on then add the Webmaster Tools to your account and add your store, this will allow you to see what Google is up to and how they are interacting with your site/store, one word of advice do not take every suggestion Google makes as gospel Google does chat shyte especially about a site being mobile friendly, they often fuck up, they suggested a WordPress theme that was responsive was not mobile friendly.

Also create listings for your business on business listing sites like FreeIndex, but do not go silly creating listings on every business listing site out there, only create listings on the top 3 or 4 business listing sites, don't waste your time listing your business on obscure sites nobody visits.

The top business listing sites allow you to add a link to your site/store this will help in the search providing good valid back links, do not pay for back links this is SPAMMY and Google will just boot you out of their index when they suss you, and it will only be a matter of time before Google works it out.

Do not believe the bullshit from supposed SEO Experts who say they will get your site/store to #1 in Google what they are talking about are Google AdWords not the organic search results, once you stop paying for the advert your gone.

With a brand new domain your relevance for search terms will be very narrow and specific for the first 12 months, after this probabtionary period the relevance will become broader, so you need to be patient during this time and do not be tempted by these SPAMMY SEO arseholes with their snake oil promises.

For me SEO begins as soon as I register a domain, I add a hosting package and stick a holding page on the domain with basic info about what is to come, this give search bots a bone to chew and gets the SEO ball rolling, most people doing this think SEO starts after the site is launched and waste valuable time.

I hope this helps to give you some food for thought and some ideas how to start marketing your business to mek life.



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Hi guys, 


I'm sorry but it's not allowed to put seed sales links here, we actually prefer not to use commercial links.

The only external links we allow are those that in some way help to provide information, to answer a query. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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