Windows 7 End Of Support January 14 2020

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At the moment I run Windows 7 Pro on my workstation, but as the title of this post says Microsoft are ending support for Win 7 on January 14 2020 and there is no way I am going to run Win 10 I have dealt with too many of my clients machines after they had a sneaky upgrade forced on them, the OS is rubbish I would not describe it as stable.

I am not going to buy a Mac they are not designed to be upgraded or repaired especially the laptops, I can buy a high specification X86 box at less than half the cost of a Mac the same specification and easily repair the damn thing and source parts to upgrade or repair at afforable prices.

I like Win 7 it has been a great operating system I will miss it, Win 8 was another pile of crap and Win 10 just stinks, so if like me you have resisted upgrading Win 7, but your wondering do you bite the bullet and upgrade to Win 10 or buy a new device running Win 10 or even buy a Mac, don't fear you have an alternative Linux there are lots of distributions or distros as they are known and they are free to download and install and importantly they are supported so security issues and bugs get fixed.

Another great thing about Linux is if you still have an older machine that can only run a 32bit OS but cannot run a newer OS you can grab a Linux distro and install it and continue to use the device and extend its useful life time by a few years instead of throwing it away. There are some very light weight distros for things like old netbooks with very low specifications.

So at the moment I am quietly migrating to Ubuntu so far I have migrated my dads latop from Win 7 to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS the build name is Bionic Beaver, the LTS part means long term support this build will be supported for 10 years, the support period is usually only a couple of years for each build before they end support and move onwards.

If your new to Linux the operating system Ubuntu provides an easy way to get started you can find more information about Ubuntu here

You can download an image or ISO and then burn it to a DVD to make a boot disk or to a USB thumb drive with software like Rufus to make the USB drive bootable so you can try the OS before you install it, many people use the USB drive like a portable computer. Oh yeah and there is shit loads of free application software for anything you need software for.

For your average user the transition is going to be pretty smooth, most people only use a browser to view web pages and login to a webmail interface to manage an email account on some free service like GMail, for them the transition is smooth, if you use an email client then you have Mozilla Thunderbird its not Outlook (which I am going to miss) but it does the job, there are no tools in the software for backing up like in Outlook but doing it manually is trivial for those with minimal computing skills.

The only problem for me is that I use the Adobe Creative Suite a lot, so I do need a Windows box, so I have an old desktop which is running Ubuntu 14.04-lts at the moment, but I am going to install XP Pro on it and then I can install the MS Office 2007 suite and Adobe CS3 suite on there, the down side is the machine cannot be connected to the network it will be a threat, so I will have to move files via USB drives to the machine and away from the machine, which is an inconvenience I am willing to accept.

There is the Gimp which is software for photo editing and creating graphics, but it is not Photoshop, it is OK for cropping and resizing images and doing basic stuff, but if I need to create some rasta or vector graphics Photoshop is always going to be my first choice to do the job, so this will allow me to continue working with the same tools.

Also I have a few Netgear smart network switches the problem is they use a piece of software to configure and manage them and it only runs on Windows, so I will have to take the switches offline to connect them to the XP Pro box to manage them, again it is an inconvenience I am will to endure to keep doing things.

It is a myth that it is a Windows world you do have alternatives remember the networks we rely on today and the web runs on Linux not Windows operating systems.

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