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Someone who recently introduced themself was worried about safety and security when using the forum.

The site is served under https this means that once your logged into the site everything passed between you and the site is encrypted, but your location can be determined to a degree using your IP address this is not very accurate on a broadband connection, but on a mobile its very accurate.

If you really need to play safe you can use the TOR browser here is a link to the post with information about using TOR and how to test your browser for leaks.


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Hi Gizmo2908


All personal information is private (IP, email, etc...), only a judge with a court order can request this information. This happens in any forum, not just this one. 


The privacy policy is the same as in the store:  https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/privacy-policy.html?sl=en


A tip to keep you safe, remember not to use photos with geolocation. It's very simple, just remove the exif data from the photos you use.







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All time here new people. And I hope all happy.


I am also not so marijuana user now. And for me all this marijuana almost cost nothing.


One guy go from here to africa for smoking weeds... 


If you are not kriminal guy  I think no sense to worry. In this moment  I don`t know many peoples who have a lot of money on marijuana. Maybe only arjan king of cannabis still have.

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@Gizmo2908, I have not seen any problems with the security of this platform.  However, it is possible that one can compromise one's self by not being careful what content that one uploads. Such as:

(Obviously, if you live were Cannabis -growing, -possession and -use is legal, then some of the following may not apply to you.  But even though for you it may be perfectly legal, it may be a good idea to observe some of the following suggestions to protect yourself against potential thieves.)


Your UserName should not be your real name.

Your Avatar Picture should not be a picture of your face, the front door of your home, nor your automobile license plate.

Any texts that you post should not contain any personally identifying information.

You should review your Profile-settings to be sure that you haven't inadvertently included any personally identifying information that is viewable by the general public. (View the Profile of other Members to get an idea what can be seen.)  It is not necessary to disclose your gender, nor your birthday in your Profile.

Any images that you upload into your gallery or into your posts should not incude your face, the front door of your home, nor your automobile license plate.

Be careful what information might be visible in your images, such as:

     a.)  Addresses on labels when unboxing seeds and equipment

     b.)  Be careful what can be seen in the background of your images (The type of electrical outlet seen in your home indicates the region of the world where you live; Or, a recognisable building or mountain in the background may make it easy to triangulate where you had snapped the image; Or, telephone/electrical poles have identifying numbers posted on them, if such numbers are legible then your guerilla-grow can be easily located, etc.)

     c.)  When photographing things held in your hands, remember that your fingerprints and tattoos show prominently sometimes, and other things like rings and watches might indicate your identity.


But, as you can understand, all the above compromises would be self-generated, not a result of the operation of the platform.



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