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Superduper77 - Exodus Cheese - 16.01.2011 /// FINISHED

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Hello . I do not know much English so i beg your pardon for my bad language

About conditions (look below for fotos) - i got grow tent 120*140*200

HPS 600w Sylavania Grolux

Air exchange - 250m3/hour

Temperature (day/night) - 26/19

RH (day/night) - 65/80%

Bucket size - 7 liters

Medium - coco coir 85% , perlite 15%

Nutrients - calcium nitrate , potassium sulphate, potassium nitrate , potassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate , ammonium nitrate , magnesium nitrate , microelemnts Valagro EDTA mix , orthophosphoric acid , potassium carbonate

Scales (value of division 0.01g)

Strain - Exodus Cheese

Number of plants - 4

Grow method - drip irrigation (metzerplas ado 2.2 lph + 2000 lph pump)

cheap PH and EC meters from China

Reverse osmosis water

Just recieved seeds . Now i can start



I used reverse osmosis water PH 7.0 , room temp 24 C

Update 17.01 :

24 hours later i put the seeds on a wet sponge.


Then i put them in zip-lock

P1170379.JPGand place it in dark warm place

Update 19.01:

48 hours later after last post we can see that all seeds are alive


Then we are moving to peat pellets P1190381.JPG

still using reverse osmosis water ph=7 t=24

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2Jimmy of Sweden - updated startpost

2 days after moving to permanent place


today i feed them first time (before they was watered with 34ppm water) , their food was 20% of NPKCaMG 115/65/180/90/62 so sotulion i got EC=0.4 PH=5.6. I watered 400 ml per plant until i saw drainage. Light period 18/6. Day temp 26c night temp 19c RH 60-80%



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2 weeks after recieveing seeds

Lamp is about 120-130cm from the babies


Now all together photo )


Then one by one from big to small (sry 4 white balance)



Next is mutant :) first pair are two pale leaves


Last one is tiny and very bright colored , almost not growing for last week


feeding is the same 0.4ec 5.6ph , watering once per two days

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i have made new feeding (gramms per 10 liters)

Calcium nitrate - 4.78

Magnesium nitrate - 2.2

Ammonium nitrate - 1.2

Potassium phosphate - 3.53

Potassium sulphate - 1.4

Magnesium sulphate - 4.06

Micro (Valagro EDTA mix) - 0.2

The final solution is EC=1.7 , so i added reverse osmosis water to make EC=1.3 , also i added a bit of ortophosphoric acid to make PH=5.6


120-80-160-90-58-77-0.13-1.6-0.66-0.12-0.054-0.04 in mg per liter

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here is anther update

photos first


Now one by one


on this plant lower leaves have some troubles



i don`t know what it is exactly but i raised EC to 1.5 and PH to 5.8



I tuned drip irrigation system , now its irrigate for 3 minutes (its about 40ml) every 3 hours during daylight. I plan to buy another water pump , so i can irrigate reverse osmosis water (30 ppm) or low EC solution during night time.

Temperatures day 27, night 18, nutrient solution 18-21 , distance to lamp 80cm , RH 65-75%

Jango420 it is easy when you have great software (nutes calculator but it is in russian). I`m also using small pump in resrvoir that mixing my solution 24 hour per day so its quite stable. And i can correct almost any element that plant needs more or less

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Bro , NPK is the same as before 120/80/160 look post #13 for details , think that all vegg period i will irrigate with this formula. Yesterday was a moth from the day i recieved seed. I started immediately as Franco asked me. So it`s about 2-3 weeks of vegg for now. I will go bloom in first days of March so it`s gonna be 4-5 weeks of vegg.

Photo update in the same order , but now each plant have 2 photos











today i ll flush with ec=1.2 ph=5.5 solution then move back to 1.5 or 1.6 ph 5.8

Any advices ? Any ideas about troubles on lower leaves on plant #2 ?

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Guest superbluehaze

Your plants are looking great - very healthy and well feed;

Your light seems a bit high through:

remember the inverse square law:

everytime the distance is doubled between the top of plant and the light,

intensity is reduce by 75%;

I would have the light a lot closer;

as close as possible with out burning the plant,

but bring it down slowly over a number of days , so the plant has time to adjust to the increased intensity;

happy growing,


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Thank you John , ? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ????? ???????? :)

I moving light down form 120cm to 90 cm then to 80cm from the plants i discribe it earlier. Now its about 60 cm from highest plant. And i added 50watt 6400k energy saving lamp in the middle of my garden. I overfeeded my babiws a bit , sad but not fatal . So i moved to EC=1.4 above this i have troubles.

Photo update is coming ...

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Very nice plants man ;)

Looking good, and I think 60cm should be cool for a 600w if not cooltubed ;)

Have a great grow you do it right


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