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3º Mega Contest - Winners!!

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Hi friends, 


After reviewing all the work done, debating and voting, these are the winners of the third Green House Seeds Co. competition.



1. OG.Naj ( SH forum )



2. MesMais ( CC )



3. G22 ( SH forum )



4. Neron ( CC )



5. Gasmeter indoor ( SH forum )



6. RGS ( SH forum )



Congratulations to the winners! :party:


We will contact you to send you your prizes.





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Gracias @Jose.gh que felicidad escuchar que estoy entre los ganadores de la gran final, seguro que el trabajo del jurado fue difícil debido a los grandes trabajos de los amigos y compañeros de cultivo, mi felicitación a todos vosotros, gran victoria amigo @OG.Naj :party: muchas felicidades 🎊 @g22 y @medidor de gas enorme enhorabuena también por vuestro puesto bien merecido hermanos:victory:, sin falta tambien quiero felicitar a neron y mesmais de cc, y siento por los que no ganaron nada pero lo intentaron al maximo, por último agradecer a Green House y Strain Hunters el tercer gran concurso que nos han ofrecido

Gracias hermanos :victory::party::clapping::drinks:


Thank you @Jose.gh what happiness to hear that I am among the winners of the grand final, surely the work of the jury was difficult due to the great work of friends and cultivation partners, my congratulations to all of you, great victory friend @OG.Naj :party: many congratulations 🎊 friend's @g22 and @medidor de gas congratulations also for your well-deserved brothers position:victory:, without a doubt I also want to congratulate neron and mesmais of cc, and I feel for the ones that they won nothing but they tried to the maximum,  Finally, thank Green House and Strain Hunters for the third great contest they have offered us
 Thanks brothers:victory::party::clapping::drinks:

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WouawouuuuOUUUUUUhhhHHH !!! What a amazing news when i see the final results today morning! :party::drinks:


First i would like to say a big BIG UP to the all team of Green House Seeds Company who made this contest possible and more specially to @Jose.gh that are the man on this forum, so THANK YOU!


Secondly i would like shake hands with all the participants, it has been a long way of hard work for every hunters so far and I know everyone has given the best of even for many months so big respect the all hunters family. @g22 @R.G.S @gasmeter @Gaz @Kalumè @Jx-


Finally what can i say more that iam very happy with the news and the price, can wait to make the GH coffeeshop round. Try more news genetics from GreenHouse. And for sure continue to use and improve the use of organic (bio line) and the mineral nutrients from GH Powder Feeding.


Have a nice day all :good: :smoke:

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@Jose.gh thanks for posting the winners of the 3rd Mega Contest and the news that I am among the winners :biggrin::danced:

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest especially  @OG.Naj for a well deserved win your journal is absolutely amazing I have never seen a journal on the forum where they have actually bought testing kits to check the Cannabinoid content of the end product both buds and temple ball, plus showing how you made the hash and the temple ball was brilliant you went above and beyond what was required great job :drinks::smoke:

Congratulations also to @g22 and @R.G.S and the guys at Cannabis Cafe mesmais and neron it has been a pleasure to compete with such experienced growers and learn from you guys along the way. :victory:



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@jan.gh thanks to you guys for making the contest and providing the beans and nutrients to allow us to grow such great genetics its been a privilege :pleasantry::imsohappy::victory:

Coming fifth in the contest reminded me of one of the jokes my grandad used to tell me when I was a kid

The Lord said unto Moses come forth!

He came fifth and won a tea pot... :biggrin:

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i Hope so With all that genetic i dream about a funky  fruity  frosty cocktail of Magic weed with nice color full of résine🤪💨🍌🍓🍋❄️ i name her the funky fruity

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hello Hunters,


I just received the first price box yesterday :party::smoke:


THANK YOU GreenHouse, StrainHunters and Powder feeding team :good:






Cant wait to hunt some FIRE pheno on this special seeds




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A question, friends, what does that put in the collection packages?

 ** / 100?


Una pregunta amigos que significa eso que pone en los paquetes de colección



Pdta: Hermanos darle buena caña🔥 🔥 a esos frijoles 😉 👍 


Pdta: Brothers give good beans to these beans 😉 👍 


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4 minutes ago, OG.Naj said:

It is a "limited edition" seeds. So I think that you have only 100 packs of each strain in this category ;-)


Thank you @OG.Naj I seem i **** is evident if they are a limited edition collector for a maximum of 100 pack of seeds


Gracias @OG.Naj parezco i**** es evidente si son de coleccionista edición limitada por un maximo de 100 paquetes de semillas


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