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Romeu9 - White Lemon 1# & 2# - ||| Harvested & Reported |||

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(El Niño x Super Lemon Haze)

El Niño: Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.


Super Lemon Haze: Lemon Skunk (original skunk, citral) + Super Silver Haze (Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze)

-flowering time: 8-9 weeks

-height: medium-tall

-good for SCRoG


A few days before sprouting I've soaked the medium (soil + hydroton balls around 10%) with Plagron Roots and Hygrozyme.

After the germination process...

Both sprouted yesterday (16/01/2011)

They have been planted and will grow in one 10.8L pot,

to try to create a Mycorrhizae Network in the future wen the root system gets big enough for it, lets see. ;)

Soil:BioBizz Light-Mix

Base inorganic nutrients: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland 1 Grow, 2 Bloom, 3 Micro.

Base organic/mineral nutrients: Plagron Alga-Grow, Alga-Bloom

Humic / Fulvic acids:BioBizz Top Maxx

Enzymes: Hygrozyme

Rootings & Seaweed: Canna Rhizotonic;Plagron Roots

Fish Emulsion: BioBizz Fish-Mix

Bloom: Plagron Green Sensation ; Advanced Nutrients Big Bud ; Advanced Natural Power Growth/Bloom Excelarator

Vitamins: Superthrive and Hesi Supervit

Micro Organisms: Nutrifield Defence System (prev. TriBoost) ; Nutrifield Plant Starter (prev. X10 Boost) ; MycoPlant

Carbohydrates: Advanced Nutrients CarboLoad

Foliar only: Plagron Phyt-Amin

Take care

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Thank you, John!

If it wasnt you I would never know about networks ;)

A true inspirational person you are...

I tought of it first with Autos, maybe that way they could get regenarated ;)

In the future will try it anyway...

Take care

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W.L. 1# is Happy! :)




This morning I sprayed some clean water on the soil of the 2 lemons, and a few hours after that wen they were in the window catching some winter clear blue sky and sunny day, I noticed one small drop of water in the tip of the cotyledon, so I tought it was from the spraying they had in the morning and I cleaned it with my finger.

Now, in the end of the day I moved them to the kitchen and I saw it again!!

She is boosting! I love happy plants!

Decided to share with you!


Current average T is 20ºC and Hº is 60%

Take care

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Guest superbluehaze

good one Romeu.

It does not happen often but when little droplets of water come through the leaves, you know she is going real crazy..

First time I saw it, I wondered what the hell was going on.

happy growing, mate


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So cute the look, new life is always the best! You can tell them that the will be big womans whit a lot of big flowers, how gonna make you happy ;) .....

Cool buddy stay strong.


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Thank you John and Chris!

Will update them every sunday since it was the day of sprouting, and wen something "special" happens.

Thank you and Mérci ;)

Take care

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Hello, my friends.

Here's the update on two weeks...


W.L. 1#, 10,7cm:



W.L. 2#, 10,4cm:




Started new feeding today, with Hygrozyme, Humic/Fulvic acids, Rhizo, CarboLoad, Alga-Grow and micro organisms; EC 0.3 .

Current average Tº is 17c and H is 70%

Take care

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