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Exodus Cheese vs Bubba Kush 2019 Session with FEEDING

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Hello friends,


Back with a new journal... this time I've experimented some GH Exodus Cheese and also some Bubba Kush.

A total of 6 plants in my boxes and used only a 600w HPS and also a 400w HPS (basicaly for the same amount of plants I used 600w more but because it was scheduled during the months of august to mid october I can't ad 600w because the heat inside the box was too high...

For nutriment I've choose to work with Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrid + Power Feeding Booster... and feel happy of this choice

So here we with some pictures from week 1 to week 12... unfortunaly I've lost some of my last pictures (some of the most interesting like the focus on the plant before cut them...) but I think this journal can be interesting anyway.

Hope you'll like it !

Cheers & respect ...




PS: I'll post personal comment of my session after the pictures....

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Happy to experiment this session with Exodus Cheese... the weed looks awesome and smell so hard !! After drying I got a total amount of 265g for 3 plants (worked with 25L pots)... now have to be patient few more weeks before start smoking it !!



Exodus Cheese Harvest 1.jpg

Exodus Cheese Harvest 2.jpg

Exodus Cheese Harvest 3.jpg

Exodus Cheese Harvest 4.jpg

Exodus Cheese Harvest 5.jpg

Exodus Cheese Harvest 6.jpg

Exodus Cheese.jpg

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A bit disapointed about this session with Bubba Kush... only 170g with 3 plants (1x25l pot and 2x15l)... the plant grow really compact and the buds don't goes big and fat at all... but the quality looks perfect so at the end I'm not disapointed by this multi session... got some 420g and have used 'only' 1000w to do that... buds are not compact like in my previous sessions but the quality of the weed and the level of thc looks great (trichromes are more than ok too...).


Bubba Kush Harvest 1.jpg

Bubba Kush Harvest 2.jpg

Bubba Kush Harvest 3.jpg

Bubba Kush Harvest 4.jpg

Bubba Kush 2.jpg

Bubba Kush.jpg

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That's a great grow report @evolution666. Thanks for sharing bro 👌🙏👊

Your exodus cheese looks wonderful, we can clearly see the typical exodus cheese types bud formation. I can smell it from here 😋😎👍


Great job!

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Thanx @OG.Naj for your comment ! Will start a new session soon and this time I'll try to do a better report... and also selected only a variety of strain to focus more on plant developement... and also refubish my growing room in a better way.

Cheers & respect bro !



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