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ghsc jack herer

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i germed 5 seeds in paper towel and 2 popped . 1 was a mutant so it was binned .

heres the jh @day 44 . shes in a 6ltr air pot in coco canna nutes and a 600w aircooled hood

ive found this plant hates heat/light . my room is bang on 26c and 45% hum .

but the plant is growing again on its colas due to light/heat stress .

heres some photos .

looks like shes going to go 11 /12 weeks .


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well i chopped the jh last night only 90% finished still needed 7 to 14 days more flower . i chopped on day 71 12/12

after a closer look the whole plant is a hermie . 1000s of seed pods all over the place . they are empty but still seed pods . ill post up some photos when its dry .

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well i chopped the jh last night and found out it had seed pods and it was a hermie . so far ive found some bannanas on most of the colas ...

I guess im going to be told its due to light leaks in my tent . the tent ive been useing for the past 5 yrs and the tent what has neva gave me a hermie part from ghsc jh.

heres a photo of the seed pods and 1 photo of the bannana .


i used my scope and flash ring for this pic


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Yeah looks like gh has an hermie problem with their seeds, the risk of Fem seeds i Guess.

On a pack of 5 GWS i got 2 hermie, but real light hermie 2 3 banana no seeds, but still ^^

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