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these are just over two weaks old cut roughly a weak befor flipping from the bottoms of the plant they were rooted in coco jiffys for four days then potted on in coco ive also doubled them up beause if u look care fully through my sour desil post i have doubled two up in a meduim size plant pot for four weaks though the veg room and the compition between the two was signifcant between them and then added an extra pot  so not to interupt the root to much and to create the exstra root i have ploped the old pot ontop of then new  other after cutting off the bottom of the old one  and aloud the plant to take in more air from the root intern ment more growth in branching and intern hope fully better product at the end and will be taking the same prosses with these i am also trying a new recomendation from an old friend to try a new unespeted light saurse wich is hps flood lights but after lookin up they are only realy good when u go to 500 watts and above and seemed ok for small spaces so though id give it ago in my mother room  i also have started these on the dutch pro fead on manurefactures spec but might later move on to somthing els or give the powder fead ago





foto_no_exif (1).jpg

foto_no_exif (2).jpg



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they have genraly started roootin but nothig mager theres genraly a few small roots starting to grip into the jiffy and i always have cheked this with a slight gental little tug not hard enoug to rip them out but just enough to check ro0t is there  i pot them on so i can fead a rooting mixture earlyer  as well as using mister to keep the humidity correct in the room correct i genraly get an 100percent sucsess rate this way like this time i cut 11 11 lived

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when i can get round to it ill send u the name of powder and how i do it step by step i think its somthing to do with the honey its a trick my nan used in her garden and it works realy well so i  aplyed it to this  just tryed it as a curiosity one day oh  and a couple of ppl are having a debate on flushing i flush once every two weaks and then the last on no fead at all how do u go about this and what are ur thaughts on this subject @OG.Naj

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- Depend on the substrat but  in coco with mineral fertilizer i love to use the DTW tech all the flowering, like that i can check the ph and the ec of the drain. And i flush at the end 2-3 weeks


- In soil with powder, raw organic nutrients (like powder feeding) i never flush, just look when the plant say me it is the time to harvest,


- With organic fertilizer in liquide form i flush 2-3weeks at the end


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begining of weak two i have toped these aweak early than usaly i would do it in weak 3 but ive got 2 to 4 exstra weaks  of veg befor i need to do any cuttings so im gunna try and take advantge of it as much as possibe i am also tieing down the begining of weak 3 ust giving them the next weak to get a lil more new gowth currently feading on 2.5 ml a and b dutch pro grow and 2ml dutch pro take root per leter   currently drinking a leter and half a  night






20191212_234506 (1).jpg

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