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hey all!!!


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Hello and welcome maxwellchris,

I'll volunteer up-front to you some of my experiences with cannabis in nutrition.  Well, not so much as "nutrition", but at least as an edible.


1.  One can make a wonderful infusion of the activated THC when one makes Canna-Butter.  Canna-Butter can be used just like butter in virtually any recipe that uses butter. Just be sure to understand, due to the method of producing Canna-Butter, you WILL be consuming activated THC, meaning that anyone that eats it will get high.


2.  Even the dried fan leaves make a wonderful addition to smoothies.  Example, 1 cored apple, 1 orange without seeds, 1 peeled banana, a bit of water or juice for blending, maybe a bit of crushed ice, BLEND.  Then add a handful of dried cannabis leaves, blend again.  Voila!  Canna-smoothie!

Normally, large dried cannabis leaves will not have enough THC to get you high.  The cannabis leaves are good for the digestive tract.

But if you use the smaller cannabis fan leaves closer to the buds, or especially the leaf-tip trimmings when trimming buds, these leaves may contain some trichomes. Using THESE dried leaves in your smoothie may result in your smoothie being active, even without heating.


3.  Dried cannabis leaves make an interesting tea as well.  For many, the taste must be acquired, but for the experienced cannabis connisseur, that is no problem.  After drinking the tea, the leaves themselves make an interesting chew, and they are good for the digestion.

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