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drying humidity help asap


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I am drying my crop out at the minute I have a humidity of 47% today.

that's the lowest it has been.

I have a dehumidifier should I put this in the tent and set humidity on that?

or outside the tent?


I also have a small heater but maybe it will get the room to hot if I put it in there.

or should I put that outside the tent?


could someone advise me asap please

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I would recommend not trying to dry your buds in the growing tent.

Rather, there are a number of other methods:

1.  use a drying net.  Spread the buds out across the net and hang it in a different room.


2.  use a paper bag.  Spread the buds out on the bottom of the bag and set it in a drier room.


3.  Before removing the buds from the stalks, hang the stalks on strings and let them dry out until the stems "snap" when you bend them.


Where are your pictures?  It's kinda difficult to fully understand your problem without pictures.

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