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Goooooood mooorning Strain Hunters

Gianfa (IT)

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Hi everyone i'm so exited to be a part of that ...

my name is Gianluca and  i'm from italy (so of corse loving Franco's work ) . I'm a young guy traveling the world and trying all the cannabinoids that i found .

i have been 4 in amsterdam , 3 times in barça and 2 times in the states ... hoping to make my dreams come true and become a strain hunters .

sharing love to everyone ,

have a nice day all

Gian .

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Hello Gian and welcome to forum!!


It's great to be able to travel so much, looking for new strains. What are your favorite strains?

Taking advantage of the fact that you're Italian... can you give me a traditional recipe for making Roman pizza dough?  Ilove it....



Cheers mate! 

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@Gianfa (IT), wonderful introduction.  I like your cat, too.

Hey Gian, stay with us.  And post some more with us.


You are travelling a lot, maybe you are seeing some wonderful fields of Cannabis.  Please post in here some pictures of your travels and your personal strain-hunting.


That's part of what StrainHunting is all about.  You ARE a Strain Hunter...

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