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Cannabis Grow Lighting, a scientific explanation


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If you seriously want to understand horticultural lighting and lighting theory, then this lecture is for you.

If the Youtube link is altered, you may be able to find this video with the title "Cannabis Grow Lighting Myths and FAQs with Dr. Bruce Bugbee".





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When I saw the text in the Activity thread saying "Cannabis Grow Lighting, a scientific explanation", I thought to myself 'my go-to guy is Dr. Bruce Bugbee from Apogee Instruments', et voila, you have found his teachings as well.


He's a quirky character, aka, a 'proper' scientist. Full of wisdom and eager to share. I too recommend his channel.


His companies instruments are some of the few things missing from my grow setup. When I have money again, …..


His lectures/videos on far red are eye opening (although wear shades, lol).


My takeaway from all his videos (and I've watched/studied them multiple times) have led (pun intended) me to believe that, surprise-surprise, sunlight is best. PAR produced by LED lights is does not often cover the spectrum a plant wants/needs - it's usually too narrow.  Far red is HUGELY important for flower, and UV is HUGELY important for veg is the summary, imv.


Happy Learning!

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