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Dan from Wales - Exodus Cheese and Super Critical auto,s - 07/02/2011

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Hello and welcome to my test page.

I will be testing the Exodus Cheese and Super Critical auto strains.
A BIG Thank you to Fuzzy and Franko for allowing me the privalage to become a Strain Hunter Seed Tester. teeth_smile.gif
I am just waiting for the test seeds to come.

Firstly i will start talking abot the type of Kit i have ready, and my set up.

Size Of Rooms
  • Veg 90x200 cm.
  • Flower VACANT A.T.M.!.
  • 600 W HPS + Sylvana Bulbs.
  • HomeMade 130 LED,s.
  • Various CFL Tubes.
  • 1500 Mx3 Exauhst fans.
  • Round oscillating fans.
  • Bio Bizz All Mix Soil.
Plant Pots
  • Small round pots.
  • 6.5 Ltr square pots.
  • SuperThrive.
  • Canna-Rhizotonic.
  • Bio Bizz-fish mix.
  • Grotec-Monster Bloom.
  • P.F.W.A-Ton O Bud.
  • Fox Farm-Cha Ching.
  • Digital hygrmeter.
  • Liquid ph tester.
  • TDS Probe.
  • standard thermometer

I Also intend on Veging them for about 4/5 weeks and flower until optimum ripeness.
Thats it for now untill the package arrives,regular_smile.gif

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Hey dear Strain Hunters the seeds arrived today ive put them to soak for at least 12 hours, ive put 16 Exodus Cheese and 8 Super Critical auto,s the couple left have been put away for a rainy day. Also 1 cheese must have been damaged in post see 2nd pic,



That,s it for today, I will post more info tommorow.

Thanks for stopping by and make shure to bookmark this grow it will be a big harvest. :)

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Hey i soaked the seed,s at 8pm last night i left them for 14 hours and started to germanate them today into damp paper in a sandwich box coverd them with a towel then i put in my airing room where i will be checking them evey 12 hours untill i see a little shoot a few mm in size, below are a few picsIMAG0153.jpg



Thats it for now untill i transfer them into Root It propagation plugs.

Thanks for stopping by be shure to keep posted.regular_smile.gif

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well 90% of the seeds have cracked after the 12 hour mark into germanation then after 24 hours 100% germanated,and now the seeds are ready to be put into the ROOT IT plugs,

my secret was a few drops of superthrive in the water gun i used to dampen the paper. ;-)

I also have a twin seed in the first pic is this good or not...?


RH was 95%

TEMP was 23.5c

Super Critical Automatic


Exodus Cheese


Both Strains,



I will be takeing the next pic,s when all the heads are up and out.

stay tuned green fingerd friends :)

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Just a quick update all have come up apart from the twin, but i split the plug and its still alive just they are a bit slow, yes i use the dome i took off to take pic,s


good healthy baby girls. (i hope.!)




hygro just as i took the dome off.

more info in the next few days my friends. :)

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