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To all the Strain family,


I am relatively new to all this I have been smoking on and off for about 8 years or so and didn't do much research or had the opportunity to research as that time it was very illegal & I was young so did not make it known that I smoked:secret:, I recently started collecting all the necessary equipment etc to be able to grow as I love growing so I am here to build knowledge and help others where I can.


Not sure what else to put in here so yeah Hi from SA

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Nice Intro, Fourie23.  Welcome to StrainHunters.

You said thet you have gathered together the necessary equipment to be able to grow.  So, let's get you started on the right foot.


We like very much to see the images uploaded by others.  You can see that when you view our grow journals.

I invite you to begin journaling your grow like we do.


As an example, here is a link to my current grow journal:


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