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Hey. I'm new to the forum and new to growing as well ^_^  East coast Canadian born and bred. I've got some experience with orchids but am new to cannabis culture ( growing not smoking) Hopefully some of that will translate over to this. Just popped some Laughing Buddha beans and will be doing a live soil grow; Tips and tricks are welcome. Including some pics of the babes and one of my other green pets that is currently in bloom. Cheers!





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Hey, pretty orchid!


Welcome to the StrainHunters, @Jenji.  It is nice to welcome a new member from across the ocean.


Come on in and surf around and check out the other grow journals we have here.



In the Index of Topics, you have already introduced yourself.  That's great! 


Use the "Browse" button often to view the Index of Topics.  If you scroll down the Index of Topics, you will see the many Categories we have where you can explore the other members' Topics there.


In particular, if you want to see lots of grow journals with lots of pictures, click on "Grow Journals Indoor"  and "Grow Journals Outdoor".


Aside from that, enjoy surfing the forum.  There is so much to see in here.


Also feel free to add your comments or ask questions.  We will get back with you when we see your questions.


I will get you kick-started.  Click on this link to my own grow journal running right now.  Here's the link:


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@Jenji, seeing that you are already forum-savvy, I invite you to go ahead and open a grow journal for these Laughing Buddas.


"Browse", scroll down, click in "Grow Journals Indoor" (or outdoor, your choice).  Click on "New Topic" and begin your journal.  I'll pull up a chair and watch the Buddas grow.  I am sure the other members will do the same.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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