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For my grow debut I've popped 5 feminized Laughing Buddha ( Barney's Farm) seeds. This will be a live soil/organic grow. The babes are currently in a closet with a small fan and a T5 Sunblaster. Starting off in Foxfarm's Ocean Forest + Myke Veg & Herb mycorrhizae. Scrambling this week with a long shopping list. Aside from soil base + amendments I have basically no equipment/supplies. Jumping into this head first!  Thoughts and prayers appreciated, tips, tricks, and lucky charms also welcome.  Below are some pics of my green pets and one unsolicited slipper orchid pushing out two buds. Happy growing :)




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It is OK to mention in passing so as to explain details of a legitimate grow journal or other legitimate discussion.  But to advertise or to spam in here is taboo.  Spammers get banned immediately after someone reports them (if they are deemed by the Moderator as a Spammer).


Good luck with your shopping list and the rest of the setup of your grow area.

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Haha Thank you! The jackalope is my spirit animal; A reminder that sometimes we just have to suspend our disbelief. I use it for everything. just put the decal on my car yesterday! Now I have two. I really like your avatar too, truly. I'm not sure I understand it, but I dig it. It has a very steam punky/philosopher meets future jedi feel to it. 

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So I haven't updated on this because I'm pretty sure these plants are lagging behind where they ought to be at this point. Last week it occurred to me that they are way too small/slowly progressing. I wasn't feeling confident in their colour either. I believe I know where I made mistakes though. A week ago I moved the light closer to them, added a humidifier, turned the fan up slightly, and poked some more holes in the cups. I believe the drainage has not been adequate and I think that has been the largest contributing factor in their slow progression. 


I honestly kind of want a do-over lol but I will not abandon the Laughing buddha. I have an order in with a local company so this week I will prepare my soil/setup the tent and pop a few Jilly Bean seeds to grow alongside the Laughing Buddha. I'm really excited for the tent to arrive!


Also, I am curious about calmag for organic live soil grows. I suspect I can't use my regular liquid calmag for this. Recommendations? Epsom salt for magnesium? 


If anyone has any input/suggestions they are most welcome and appreciated. 








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Jenji, is that a layer of sand on top of the seedling soil, or is that a layer of BioGrow from GreenHouse Bio.Feed Line?


If you have them, I would recommend a top-treatment of BioGrow just before next watering, and then a week later a light mix of BioEnhancer dissolved into that next watering.

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Not sand. When I made the adjustments I also added a top layer of mycorrhizae and some organic flower girl. I had also only been watering with reverse osmosis water  and so started to water with a bit of seaweed fert mixed in. These are all the products I'm using. I haven't looked at fertilizer much as it is my understanding that if there is enough beneficial bacteria within the soil, and if I'm feeding that bacteria with the right components then it should in turn create enough nutrient to feed the plant. I will have to take a closer look at the GreenHouse Bio.Feed line. Thank you :) 







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You may be holding your camera in portrait orientation while snapping the Photo.


StrainHunters usually displays in panoramic as default, unless you correct the orientation on your laptop, then re-save the image, then upload to StrainHunters.

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5 minutes ago, Cannabissapean said:

Here's some musik for my Jenji to party while her seedlings grow:

Awesome! I love it :) 4p.m isn't too early for wine, right? 

Awesome! Let me practice some social distancing and scoot on over here and share a bottle with you, @Jenji.



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Progress with the plants has been     S  L  O  W     lol * cries a little*  When the grow tent arrived ( Secret Jardin's 5 x 5 x 6.7) it was missing a pole. They then sent me the wrong replacement pole, yada yada yada I just finally set it up a few days ago after 4 weeks of back and forth with the company. SO leading up to this I had the plants in a closet within a room which did not have working heat ( yes I know bad). I think the cooler night temps surely had a role to play in their slow development, as well as some weak light ( was using 1 T5 sunblaster for the first few weeks, then bumped to two T5 Sunblasters). 


Fast forward to today, Tent is setup ( somewhat) and the plants are now under a Mars Hydro TS-1000w ( this is what I can afford atm) w/ humidifier and oscillating fan. 


I've started to low stress a bit on the plants that don't already look stressed. Colour is still off but I'm not concerned I think it will correct itself once they are up-potted to the 7G cloth pots. Since these are photo I'm not overly concerned about timeline ( yet). 


This week I will put up a second TS-1000w light and install  the inline fan ( 6" AC Infinity Cloudline S6).


Watering with reverse osmosis water and sometimes with just a bit of  Neptune's Seaweed fert. But my PH meter crapped out ( new one is on the way) so hopefully all is well with the PH.


Question: Should I remove any of the lower smaller leaves or is it too soon for that?


Question: Currently on a 16:8 light schedule, for an 80/20 Sativa dom photo when should I flip it to 12:12? Is there a plant height indicator? I know there is a stretch period after switching but how much stretch? Will I be able to manage this with training? Tent is 6.7' H








Lars says hi. 



Smells like raspberries.

IMG_1194 (1).jpg

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@Jenji glad to see you got your tent sorted and your up and running you have a nice sized grow space.

Don't worry about removing leaves I see you have already topped them and your tying them down and opening them up and the lower parts are not shaded by whats above.

I am going to top the Cheese plants I have in veg at the moment, when I do it I will removed the growth at the first two nodes then top the plant at maybe the 6th or 8th node.

In the second week of flowering I may remove fan leaves, but after that I only remove fan leaves to stop the plant wasting energy on them if the leaf is going yellow or maybe a bit of a deficiency, even if a fan leaf is shading a bud the bud will grow it needs the fan leaf to help the plant make sugars and do its thing.

With flipping the photoperiod to 12/12 with photoperiod girls that up to you with autos your along for the ride.

Only train your plants during veg and up to the second week of flowering after that the stalks are not as flexible and you will damage the plant/s

With a photoperiod plant they are ready to go after 4 weeks, but you can run them on 12/12 from the start, check out @R.G.S 's grow journal for the strain tests he is going to start flowering some Cloud Walker plants after 10 days of veg, he did the same with some Cheese and finished them.

The plants won't be as tall as if they had been vegged for 2 months and the yeild will be relative to the plants size.

How much they stretch is different with each strain, but you are already training the plants to spread them and you have topped so you will be OK height wise.

I like your cat Lars give him a wild head rub for me :D he looks like he gets up to some mischief he looks ruff an tuff

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@gasmeter Thank you for the guidance :) As you can see it is much needed. I'm hoping the nutrient uptake was off because the nutrients in the soil were not yet available in the earlier weeks ( organic live soil only watering with RO/seaweed/ and later on compost tea). But I'll know soon enough when the new PH meter arrives. I passed along your head rub to Lars ( he loved it). He is a real sweetheart but looks rough because of spending most of his life outdoors which has left him with no canine teeth and a lot of scars. He has some health issues as well but it doesn't stop him from playing and cuddling. I'll pop over and check on the grow journals too :) cheers!

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@Jenji your welcome, the good thing about soil is you don't need to worry about PH the soil is your friend it will balance things out, I have some juice to check PH manually I put some run off into a little plastic tube a 3 drops of this juice then compare the colour to a chart, but I haven't used it for ages maybe 2 years.

But it is a good idea to be able to get an idea of where the PH is.

The last house we lived in had been a farm and we had two cats on called Percy a tabby similar colour to Lars an he was ruff an tuff and his brother Inky was a black fluffy thing they were always outside catching mice, rats, rabbits, birds and the odd pigeon, although Inky was all fluffy and looked soft if Percy messed with him he would floor him and beat him up in a flash he was like lightening and Percy would skulk away to lick his wounds and nurse his dented pride for an hour then they would be best buddys again.

They had a pal who was our neighbours cat who lived along the hill side and their cat used to come and hang out with our cats and he was ruff an tuff I called him Crusher his real name was Thomas, he was like a bleeding Labrador, mind you he needed to be big where he lived they had rats as big as a normal cat, he had shit loads of battle scars one half of an ear was gone and he had loads of scars on his head which was like a bull dogs, that cat was a force of nature, but he always enjoyed a wild head rub.

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@gasmeter haha I love it <3 I'd have a whole pile of cats if I could. Got a soft spot for the throw aways. We have a second cat ( Polly) who is much younger than Lars. They rassle a lot. sometimes she plays gently with Lars and sometimes sht gets real. He has old bones and can only play so hard. I feel like Crusher and Lars are cut from a similar cloth. Lars loves a hard scratch, more like a dog in that regard I'd say. 


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