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Good day. I am new to growing.

Currently learning with autoflowers

In cabinets under cfl lights.

When i am confident enough to invest money i to proper equipment i would like to go bigger bit for now im happy with whay i have to learn with. I dont smoke for recreation but am very interested in the medicinal properties of this plant. I recently harvested for buds so this grow im learning to make seeds.

Pictures of an Mi5 X Midnight express pollinated with an Mi5 male.

I look forward to browsing the grow diaries.




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Welcome to StrainHunters.

Your Mi5xMidnight looks like a nice auto.

Good for you for your studying the medicinal aspects of the plant.

How will you determine its medicinal values?  Do you have access to laboratories?


Please keep us posted.

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Thank you for the welcome.

No i do not have access to a laboratory. I am looking for a good medicinal strain to help people with mental health issues. In the near future im hoping tp order some high cbd strains that i would like to turn into oil and mix into an essential oil recipe for arthritis and muscle pain. Testing will be done on myself first of all and if all goes well ill have medicine to help out some close family members and friends.

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There are high CBD seeds available from StrainHunters/Greenhouse.  The link is below.  But if you wish to navigate there yourself, at the top of nearly any page of the Forum, click on "Products", then click on "Buy Cannabis Seeds".  That brings you to the GreenHouse online store.  Then hover your cursor over "Feminized Cannabis Seeds" and a drop-down menu will appear.  In the drop-down menu, find the "CBD" area and click on "+CBD Feminised" or "+CBD Auto Flowering Seeds".

Here's my link:


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