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My name is Cindy Egaten, and I am 29 years old from Vancouver. I am a medical scientist by profession and now working in a pharma company. I want to join this group because I want to know people who are using marijuana and shrooms for both medical and recreational use. I believe that listening to people who have been a user of marijuana for years could amplify my theoretical understanding about the benefits of these products to people. I hope we can have a chit chat and help each other understand better about these drugs.

Thank you.




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Hello theshroomshop and welcome to forum, 

That sounds great, anything related to cannabis research is always welcome. Personally, I've been smoking cannabis for about 30 years, so if you have any questions about it, maybe I can help you :)

I'm not a big mushroom user, so in that aspect I don't have many answers hehe.



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I don’t usually trip but rely on microdosing with shrooms. I use them to boost my mood, and it works. I’ve read somewhere that microdosing can only be a placebo effect, but I don’t know because after taking it for a while, I do feel better and calmer than before.

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