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A little bit of everything... And LED


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Hi 💨


I have been growing for a few weeks now, with different strains, in my small 120x60 growing cabinet.


At the moment everything is growing, using coconut as substrate and the mineral and organic line of Green House Feeding (trying different pots).


240w Led from a Quantum Board panel lights up my little garden.


Well... this weekend I did the transplant to the final pots, with 7 liters of coconut fiber. Some pictures...






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23 hours ago, g22 said:

Hello man  @Jose.gh

With coconut do you adjust the ph like is wright in the instruction?




Yes, Whenever I grow with coconut fibre I pay a lot of attention to the pH. Even so, sometimes I have some mismatch... it's important when using coconut. Everything is easier in the ground :pleasantry:

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