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MA outside new to grow and so many questions


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Hi Charleyne, I place my seeds between sheets of wet kitchen towel & between two dinner plates (one inverted on the other). If you leave it somewhere warm (i use my hot water cylinder at 25°C) they should pop with 48 hours. Works great for me! You'll then need to pot them carefully.


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On 3.4.2020 at 1:06 PM, Charleyne said:

Hi I am Charleyne.  I am new to trying to grow.  I live in MA and was going to build a bed.  I need tips on germination, possibly other plants that may help pollinate, any other hints would be great.  Thanks!


The germination tipp above is good.  Just be careful using heat.  NEVER allow the seeds to exceed 25°C.  Keep them moist, but not drowned.  Don't allow them to dry out.  A good range is 22°C to 25°C during the germination.


Your mention of "other plants that may help pollinate" gives me reason to be concerned.  What is your purpose for growing Cannabis?

Here is what I mean:


If you are growing for the purpose of harvesting the buds for smoking or vaping or THC infusion/extraction, then you do not want to pollinate the plant.  THC and the various other cannabinoids and terpenes that users desire from the plant are found in useable amounts only in the female plants.  A female plant will produce these chemicals at her maximum capability ONLY if she remains unpollinated.  As soon as she becomes pollinated, she will significantly reduce the production of these chemicals.  Male plants may contain trace amounts, but generally, their use for THC/CBD is undesired. 


However, if you are growing Cannabis plants for the purpose of producing seeds (breeding new strains), THEN you will be concerned with the issue of pollination.

Only a Cannabis plant can pollinate a Cannabis plant.  Within that frame of thought, there are many choices for pollination.  There are many different strains to choose from.  But basically, there are 3 "subspecies" of Cannabis - CannabisIndica, CannabisSativa and CannabisRuderalis.  They do readily interpollinate each other.

If you do not already know the difference between these 3 "subspecies", it would be good for you to google them and read about them.


Further tipps:  You will need to control all aspects of the environment for this plant in order to have best success - soil or other medium, nutrients must be correct at each stage of the plants development, temperature, humidity, lighting and lighting duration through the day, water and the pH of the water and soil/medium.  All these aspects are discussed throughout our forum.  Keep surfing the forum and read read read our comments.  Study the many grow journals in the Browse-Categories "Grow Journals Indoor" and "Grow Journals Outdoor". 


Welcome to StrainHunters.

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Hi Charleyne and welcome to forum, 


You can germinate on a moistened paper napkin, in a glass of water or directly on the substrate. If it is your first time, it is better to do it directly in the substrate.

In the indoor and outdoor grow room, you'll find lots of practical information :)

Enjoy the forum! 

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