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Introduction and quick Jack Herer Question


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Good morning!

  Lofty here, I wanted to introduce myself as a new member to your discussion forum. Im relatively new to growing, well very new to having my own grow. Have worked grow adjacent since i was young with live plants as well as trim, so I have a basic understanding of the process, this is just my first time holding the reins, and making decisions on x,y, & z. I am a hobbyist grower, with 12 in flower, 12 in veg and bout to put more seeds down to keep things moving(I just moved into a new spot and I started fresh from seeds, and my babys are still too young for clones so I'm still johnny apple seeding for this set) In flower running a blackdog 600 watt sandwiched by a crummy  cmh 315 (vivosun) with a philips 41k bulb and on the other end a phantom 630 cmh running one 41k and one 31k the 31k atm is turned off. ANYWAYS, just wanted to throw that out there to give perspective of what I have going on, and partly because I'm a dork and wanted to point out the cmh blackdog(LED) combo has been killing it for me. lol AAAANNYWAYS, getting to my actual question. In my oldest set of ladies I have two jack herer FAST genetics by Seedsman that are doing well, about 2 months old ish(just starting to look like a real weed plant and take shape) I was reading up on the strain, which I've never grown before and was finding some threads discussing how this is an equtorial strain and thrives if ran under a 12/12 light cycle while still in veg. to me that seems like something they might say about an auto flower, but can that be true for a photo period plant? and is it something I should consider doing? The fast genetics are still photo period, they just have a slightlyt accelerated growth from what I'm seeing, so I' a bit miffed by this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you made it this far, big ups for wading thro my rambly long post.


Hope everyone out there is healthy and happy.

I imagine theres a lot of happy gardens out there with whats going on lately. 


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I finally found your question in there.  (... but can that be true for a photo period plant? and is it something I should consider doing? )


Yes, that can be true.  In fact, there are some growers who have been experimenting with 12/12 from seedling stage, with varying levels of success.

They basically report that the plant will grow a bit slower because of the overall reduced light-energy, but that the plant will not enter the flowering stage until it is ready to do so.  Apparently the plant must still reach some point of maturity before it can be forced into flowering.  Of course, autoflowering plants are different, they will enter flowering stage regardless of the photoperiod being used.


With photoperiod plants, the flowering stage can be delayed (theoretically indefinitely) by keeping the plant in 18/6.  That is useful when you have a particularly valuable plant that you wish to use as a mother plant for the purpose of producing clones for as long as you can keep her alive.  But of course, no plant can live forever.


Is that something that you should be doing? 

You are the master of your grow.  Experimenting yields results that you can learn from.  Depending on your intentions and the results that you achieve, you can then decide whether you wish to continue a particular method, or modify it, or scrap that method altogether.  It is your choice.

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Cannabissapean- haha yea, that wasnt my most clear/concisely worded question ever. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate you taking the time to weed thro my post and reply. I understand their logic, based on Jack H. being an equatorial strain  trying to mimic its home turf environment, but a photo period full life on 12/12,, I dunno. I had someone tell me that I should try it, and then a day or two later I saw an article about it and it piqued my curiosity. The article I read made it sound like 12/12 was THE way to get your jacky h  growing much more full and robust buds.(obviously the internet is a very good tool for finding whatever answer your looking for to support any particular opinion or fact so I realize that any and all claims online need to be taken with a grain of salt and a dallop of skepticism)  So I thought I'd bring it to some people who know more than myself for some input. I think I'm chilling on my traditional 18/6 veg, but I still might try it. If i do I'll make sure I start a thread and let you know how it goes. 

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15 hours ago, LoftyVision said:

I think I'm chilling on my traditional 18/6 veg, but I still might try it. If i do I'll make sure I start a thread and let you know how it goes. 


That sounds like a good idea.  We'll be happy to see your thread.

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