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greetings from NZ


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Greetings everyone medium size grower from New Zealand


Thought id join have a look around see how other people grow and whats been grown at the moment

I run mainly auto pot systems in coco/pearlite and a variety of strains including amnesia haze,super lemon haze,white choc, and local nz strains like Rgo and te-puke thunder amoung many others


ill put some photos up when i can :)

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Welcome to StrainHunters, @cannabest_nz.

Click Browse, then scroll down to see the many categories of Topics.

Grow pictures are everywhere throughout our forum, but they are particularly concentrated in the categories "Grow Journals Indoor" and "Grow Journals Outdoor".


We are very pleased you have joined with us, and we are looking forward to your photos.


I've never heard of "Rgo" and "Te-Puke Thunder".  Would love to see them and try them out...

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