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Mr Brown introduction

Mr Brown

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 Hello everyone, They call me Mr Brown for a reason but its a long and crazy fun story. Just a little fast background of me. I'm a 63 year old, Old hippie that has always love the bud and a few other things. I'm pretty laid back and for the most part happy and care free another long story. My idea long ago of growing was to take an empty cat box and throw in about 100 seeds or so let them come up and plant them outside to see what happens for better or worse, As you can easily guess the worse always happened. Now that we are and have been in the age of the internet with so many smart growers posting and helping others to grow I have made the decision to try and do this again the right way. So far after a lot of reading and trying to get the right lights,soil,nutrients and preparing a room for growing conditions. I purchased some top quality seeds, have had a successful germination and now in day 7 of seedling growth. I watered for the 2nd time this morning and hope that was not to much. The little plants look healthy for the most part to a rookie like me, But I'm sure from the reading I have done the little ones will let me know. Well thats a little about me and what I have going, I hope I may drop in for some advise from time to time . 


       Take Care All

  Brownie Man

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