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ghostganja introduction


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hello  everyone  ghostganja here

i finally can use the site because my i pad and i Phone won't let me sow here i'am on the laptop at granny's place

i'm a new grower for my own medicine and hope here to find support tips and tricks and of course to hear and see how you guys are doing it

but first things first hue am i nickname ghostganja  i'm 34 years old living in the NL and weed and i are very long friends since my teen years

now that i'm older and since a few years disabled for 80/100% i decided after the discovery that painkillers and other kind off medicine doesn't work on me

and my docter found it dangerous te amount off pills i need te take that works a litle  isn't good for my health popping painkillers like m&ms is a no go

and sleeping pills do more harm and magnify my symptoms 

here in the Netherlands cbd came late to my knowledge and last year it hit the stores and i tested it first e liquid to vape and soon after that the oil

well that helped but it all was without thc sow it didn't do much against my painlevels well iff big pharma can't help and even blocks the pad to my cure

well you can guess iff there is a way to make it yourself a fat big middle finger to big pharma and the loopholes in the law there is room to make it HA

my first grow off 2 plants on soil went not that good this year but that was my own error 8 grams dry well it's a learning proces and the 8 grams helps me in nights that i don't can sleep long live my bong

my scond run i dealt with bad seeds and the free seeds did pop up but in week 6 all dead because i didn't knew that on coco you need calcium

sow i took it to the next level and my brand new hydroponic system is since yesterday up and running with a little help from youtube

i hope this time all goes well i did my home work   green house seeds on facebook was a great help a big thanks to Nicky for the free sample powder feeding for hybrids

on his advice i'm here now  and the help by finding nearby the green house seeds to buy via vision seeds in maastricht i got myself the church and arjans haze 3 and some free seeds from vision seeds a big thanks goes out Danny for the great service and fast respons and putting it on the way via package post

well if my luck didn't run out i got myself 2 amnesia haze clones yesterday and till sow far they like there hydro setup and feeding

well till so far this is me myself and i and what i'm up to till today   

sorry iff my english isn't that well

best regards ghostganja

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Welcome to StrainHunters.  Sorry your first grow-attempts weren't so successful.  But it sounds like you are improving your set-up.  Congrats...


And it sounds like you finally got some good genetics (the seeds from GreenHouse).


I understand that your hydroponics set-up is based on something that you saw on YouTube.  I encourage you to view another hydroponics set-up tutorial on YouTube if you haven't yet seen it.  It is called "I Grow Chronic - Mr. Green".  It is entertaining and very informative, and it might give you even more ideas to improve your set-up.  I know that Mr. Green's set-up works because my set-up is based on his, and it has worked wonderfully for me from the very first day.


Good Luck and let us know how your set-up is working.  Why not go ahead and open a journal in the Category called "Grow Journals, Indoor" and show us your set-up?


Tipps for hydroponics (if you don't already know):


1.¬† Even though your Vegg or Flowering areas may be ~24 - 30¬įC, it helps to keep your reservoirs around 18 - 20¬įC.¬† If possible, keep your main reservoir outside of the tent so¬† that the water remains cooler than the area in the tent.¬† If your floor is in contact with the earth, setting the reservoir on the floor would certainly do the trick (just your pumps have to be strong enough to push the water up to the drippers or to the rooting area).¬† Cannabis likes its feeding water a bit cooler than the warm air that it enjoys in the tent.


2.  In general, cannabis enjoys hydroponics fluids at pH 5,8.  Cannabis in soil enjoys feeding water at pH 6,2.  Variations in pH are acceptable and normal, but unchecked pH at solution-mixing-time can lead to an unintended wild swing in pH that could damage roots.  Always check and adjust your pH before turning the pumps back on.  Allow the adjusted solution to sit for about 15 minutes, and then check it again; sometimes it will creep back and you might have to re-adjust.  Depending on the water you use and some other factors, you should re-measure and re-adjust the pH of the reservoir every day until you have learned the specific characteristics of your water.  Eventually, after you have dialed-in your set-up and after you have become familiar with your pH-adjustment expectations, you will be able to reduce your checking to every 3 days or so.


3.  Grodan makes good Rockwool cubes, and they are fairly pH-stable.  But you can make your own Rockwool cubes by cutting blocks of Rockwool Insulation and wrapping them with Duct Tape.  They are much cheaper than Grodan cubes, but they do require a long soak in acidic water before you use them for the seedling.


4.  For Hydroponics, you will find that good measurement instruments make all the difference in both accuracy and enjoyment of your grows.  I highly recommend the pH-meters from ADWA.  And I highly recommend the EC-meter called the Truncheon from BlueLab.  Both a bit more pricey, but worth it for ease of function and reliability.


5.  Seedlings need very very little nutrients until they have lost their cotylons (baby leaves).


6.   Definitely watch Mr. Green's Tutorial from start to finish.  I think it consists of 6 episodes, each 15-minutes long, shows you the basic set-up, AND its operation from germination, through Vegg, through Flowering, even cloning and sexxing the plant (if you ever have regular seeds again)).


Enjoy the site, enjoy the forum, enjoy your grow.


View my gallery to see some pics of my set-ups.  View the Seed Contest of the strains "SLEX" and "GreenHouse Kush" to see the set-ups of a few of the members.


Let us  know if you have any questions.



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