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South Africa - Eswatini (swaziland) and Lesotho

Ganja XL

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Hello Ganja lovers and growers,

Its been a while since i have put something online, i always have a look on the forum, but since i had trouble growing here in spain - i now know the jail from the inside ..

But thats not why i have a question, i really want to life in a country where i can start a grow of ganja, we are moving again to another spot here in spain, but i really was hoping some one that knows what the laws and possible opportunities are in South Africa, Swaziland( eswantini) and lesotho are.

I read some articles on the web that are not helping me much, i see growshops in S.A or are they medicinal clubs, that part i didn't read. I saw the strainhunters vid to swaziland again and seen arjan, franco and simon talking to the experts there, The elderly gentleman the Doctor telling that it is illegal but they grow ganja everywhere. When i search online , i see that big commercial companies are growing there under permits/ silences but what about that all?

I found out that they have cannabis events several times a year in South africa, but if no one is growing legally why are they even held, its really important that we can do our thing, my wife needs cbd, my daughter has fibromyalgia, my niche has high bloodpressure, so i want to be able to start to help all of us and others.

We came back to Spain in the hope we could start a few grows outdoors, but since we got here it has been the opposite, thats too sad for words.

Then the info the people here gave me never helped, i ve been in contact with a guy that lives in andalucia telling me about his grow with cbd plants when i asked him with strains he used he didn't even know with, when i mentioned charlotte's web he said yes i believe that's part of this strain .. Well not many strains with a lower percentage then charlotte's web is available in the strain market so he is full of BS ..in my opinion . While people with a cbd shop where you can buy cbd products have all been closed , i see online cbd companies selling the products ... So as you might gues i really don't know anymore what is right and what is crap.

For me one thing is important, i need to relocate so we can finally start or future, this is taking long enough.

In the meantime i am studying about all natural ways, only 100% pure organic and that is my goal, so if someone can make something clear for me please do, i'm all ears !

Is it like in Spain where you are allowed to grow until some one calls the police and you have to take it away, i reallllly want to know from someone that knows more.

I found the dagga couple, they talk about the rules and the fact that even when they are allowed to grow for personal use the cops give them fines or take it from them ?

We want to start something great, making oils and growing for medicinal use, but where ??

Any help or advice is really appreciate !

Is it even possible to get a permit, how does that work ?!

What is this with a Canadian company having a 10 year monopoly on growing, exporting, can someone please explain, thank you so much !





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Ganja XL,

I am sorry that you have met with difficulties.  But it is good that you have gotten up again.


Check out the GreenHouse Online store again.  GreenHouse now sells CBD oils.


And I introduce to you @Aljohnny.  Aljohnny may be able to enlighten you regarding the laws and Cannabis-culture issues in Africa.  Here is a link to Aljohnny's Intro:


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Cannabissapean, Thanks man, i saw his introduction.

Send him a pm and asked him some more,

I have been making some oil myself last grow, also some waterhash, bubblebags which worked just fine.


Keep up the grows and stay safe !

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