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How to tell what strains will make full melt

Jelle ko

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Alright, I have searched high and low for the answer to this question.


Is there a way to know that a strain will produce full melt before processing it?

So perhaps when the plant is close to harvest or even while harvesting?  


I have a room full of strains i have not grown before and i am really wanting some full melt. I have looked up the strains to see if there was info on turning them to hash, but no luck.


A friend told me you can tell by the way the scissor hash looks, has anyone else heard this?


I am so shocked that i could not find a forum talking about this already.


I checked at least 4 different sites. A million forums talking about how to make it and what strains are best, but no one talks about how to tell. Obviously its not always going to be correct but at least a good way to guess

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full melt strain dont exist brother


You can have some good strain for extraction. To make good rosin  or hash for example. 


The full melt come when you wash the plant to extract only the head of the trichome. If your hash is clean, very clean. You can have as result a full melt hash ;-)


full melt is a hash quality, not a strain quality 

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