Mazatapecs (can't find any instructions in box :()

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Hello 👋❤️


Complete beginner here... Advice on growing these would be fab. Came with no instructions but I'm about to head over to the website see if they are there. But all tips welcome. I have no heat mat and hope to use the heat from the bottom of my cupboard (hot pipes underneath there and always quite warm) 


Do I rinse it or ought before getting started.... Not sure where to start? 


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I don`t like this strain. Very soft for me. wild strains like brazil for me much more potent. I don`t use it very long time.

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Usually, you should be able to find the instructions with the seller online.

But if not, here is the way it works by my experience:


1.  You must be very clean with everything you do.

2.  Best is to use distilled water to prevent introduction of any contamination that may be in your tap water.

3.  Barely open the lid and pour in distilled water to wet the substrate completely.  Close the lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes.

4.  After 15 minutes, barely open the lid again and tip it to drain away excess water.  Do not allow the substrate to fall out of the plastic container.

5.  Now place the plastic container inside the clean plastic bag, remove the lid, and lightly fold the top of the bag only once and clip closed with the clips.  The bag should not be hermetically sealed, just one fold.  This should allow gases to exchange without allowing dust particles to get in.

6.  Now place the bag in a dark place about 24°C, but best do not use a heater.  The temperature needs to be room temperature with as few temperature changes as possible.

7.  It must be left as still as possible, no movement.

8.  In 3 to 5 days, you should begin to see small white spots.  Keep it dark and still.  These white spots are the beginnings of the fruiting bodies. 

9.  Have fun, be careful.

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