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Big Shout out to all the oldschool members


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Hi guys,

I just logged in since quite a while and I had to remember the good times I had with all the guys around 2012 to 2018 or something like that.

There was one HTCC where I met some of the users in real life and I enjoyed their company a lot. Thanks guys for having  a great time! I hope we meet again.

I smoke two joints in good memories for









and of course our friend Franco Loja (RIP)


and many more I forgot to mention! Sorry, I have a bad memory, I guess you know why. ;)


I hope you all are doing fine and you fulfill your dreams!

I am doing fine and I fulfilled myself a dream: I worked for quite a while with cannabis legally (!). I had a good time and I am thankful for that experience.


Peace out guys, I hope the chatroom will be more frequented than it was in the last years.

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