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Cloud Walker + Bubba Slush + Silver Back + Wonder Pie

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Hi guys, 


Here are some pictures of my indoor crop, with the new  strains :drinks:


It's a small growroom, 120 long by 60 wide. It's lit by a 240w Quantum Board Led, now it only runs at 130w. When they get a little bigger, I'll turn the power up.


I think plants are about two weeks old. I don't know exactly, I never look at the dates hehe

I use GreenHouse feedind hybrids to feed them all.













In my previous culture, I had problems with powdery mildew. So now I disinfect everything with a UVC light. This light is very harmful to the skin and eyes, so you have to be very careful when using it.


But it is the most natural option to eliminate fungi, viruses and spores. I don't like to use chemicals to remove fungus.





Here all together, waiting for pampering and watering.





I've also sprayed them a bit with neem oil, it's natural and a good insect repellent.










And finally, a little moisture for good growth. I like to have 70% humidity during the growth stage. So I need to use a humidifier.





And that's all for the moment, we have to wait for them to grow more so that we can better see their full potential.



Have a nice weedkend! Jose

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They've already grown a bit and it seems that their pot has become too small. So it's time to switch to a bigger pot.








They are generally quite healthy, except for a few leafs when they became a bit ugly, due to a bad PH calibration. My pH meter is really crazy, it works only when he wants  haha


I always do the transplant the same way. I prepare the new pot with a small hole in the center, to introduce the root ball. Then I water and finish...
















When I use only water, I use a little bit of Enhancer, because it is magic for the plants.

In nutrient watering, I'm using hybrids, I think it's a good choice for these strains.










And that's all for now. I'm going to wait for them to grow a little longer and then do some selective pruning, to get several buds from each plant.




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I just went from 1 liter to 7 liter pots. By using coconut fiber, I think I'll use this final size. 

If I use soil, then I like to go to 12 liters. But with coconut fiber this is a good size for indoor use (in my opinion).

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Thanks for the infos, yes iam with you with this theory! 


Personally i use 3,5 or 7ltr in coco and 7ltr, 11ltr or more in soil, depend on the veg time and the final plant size i need...


Happy day brother :smoke:  :good:

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That is interesting how your using the enhancer with the mineral feed, your plants look really healthy great job :good:

I am going to pull up a chair an get comfy.

It looks so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor :D

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